Friday, April 30, 2010


For Oh-so-many-reasons-none-of-which-are-an-excuse. Except maybe the stomach flu. Definitely an excuse.

Moving on...

Summer is in full swing here in the Corn state. "What's that?" you say, "Summer??? But it's spring!?" Oh no. Not here at the Crossroads of America. Here it's 84 degrees outside, humid and so sticky even Homer begged me turn on the AC. Which, of course, I did, only because he asked me nicely. : ) So Sesame enjoyed some romping time in her sleeveless dress from YiaYia in the backyard.

What wonderful times. We picked freshly mowed grass, blew dandelions and jumped because we could. I love 15 months. : )

Then it was time to get to work.

I promise. We aren't the same person. Really. We're not. ; )

Then came reading time.

I might also add that Daddy caught the reading in the chair adorableness. : ) Love.

Oh and if the previous photo wasn't enough to prove we're mother and daughter this one might sway you into belief.

Oh yeah. We're awesome. : )

All in all and awesome day sans illness and much play. : ) Gotta love stayin' at home with the babe. : )


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warning: This post contains the Word Tampon...

...But first the winner is...

Number 7 - Kendall!

YAY! Just let me know what size, if you want onesies or T-shirts and if you still want Star Wars - because I can so do it! : )


Dear Sesame,

It has been some time since I wrote you a brief letter. I think it's good for your development to read. At least, that's what I hear. Anyway, Mommy thought it best to let you in on some secrets. When it's Mommy's shower time, and you're playing in the bathroom, so Mommy knows where you are, that does not mean you can pull Homer's tail. Nor does it invite you to eat the bathroom rug. Ew. Gross. It is also unacceptable behavior to open the box of tampons/maxi pads (you'll learn what they're for later in life, I promise!) and have a little "let's decorate Mommy's bathroom" party.

Did you hear me???



While I am so very excited that your fine motor skills have reached heights that allow you to accomplish such feats, it is not okay to stick items of this nature ALL OVER THE CABINETS and DOORS!!! This is is why, after you so cutely knocked on the shower door, and Mommy opened said door, you saw a face that morphed from sheer joy to horror. Perhaps moments like these are where you get your face-making abilities.

Recent occurrences that are also unacceptable:

1. Throwing Homer's treats in the toilet.
2. Learning how to open children's safety locks. (Please, just pretend you don't know how!)
3. Eating dandelions.
4. Dumping Mommy's Diet Dr. Pepper all over the picnic blanket.
5. Screeching like a banshee at young children. (Sweetheart, it frightens them, it does not entice them to play with you.)
6. Licking fuzzy dandelions.
7. Trying to feed toilet paper to Homer.
8. Trying to feed your socks to Homer.
9. Leaping off furniture.
10. Drinking Mommy's coffee.


aka Momma

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Onesies

I have them. The onesies. Well, the photos of the onesies at least. : ) AND this fabulous little post includes a giveaway of similar onesies. : ) Oh yes. Another giveaway. But we'll get to that in a short while.

The Onesies:

Hello Nintendo 1Up Mushroom. You are so cute on this onesie. Nevermind the two glaring mistakes in your stencil - you were one of my first attempts - and you're still adorable to me.

If only I had a puke-yellow baby-kimono T like this to stencil a black Star Trek symbol on... Oh, if you hadn't guessed by now, we're a family of geeks. And, since these are gifts, our friends are geeks too. Ah, the geekery. : )

Okay, so this one is my favorite! I LOVE the swimming "is-ees," as Sesame would say. But most of all...

...I love the one that escaped and swam onto the sleeve!

Another Kimono-T with a solitary fishy on the back bottom. Aw.

And there you have it! What I've been wasting (not so much!) time on these days! :)

And I'm giving 2 away to the lucky winner!!! : )

Giveaway is open starting now until midnight Wednesday, April 21. The winner will receive two custom painted T-shirts or onesies (size newborn-5T)!! You can choose from the above, your child's initial or send along any idea you might have -- I'm really getting into this!! : )

To enter, just leave a comment answering the following questions:

What would you have stenciled on your t-shirt/onesie??

How do you drink your coffee??? Me - I prefer black with a shot of amaretto flavoring. [sigh] I'm fuzzy inside just thinking about it! : )

One extra entry given to those of you that are fans of emily's eye photography on facebook already or become one. (leave a second comment letting me know!)

One extra entry given to those of you that are followers of this blog or become followers of this blog. (leave a third comment letting me know!)

Okay, let the commenting begin!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My New Distraction

I've always been a person to have 5 bajillion projects going on at one time. Don't ask why, I don't know. Poor husband will come home to a crazy, messy home, complete with Nells running a muck in her skivvies (aka diaper...because she just learned to REMOVE her clothing) and I'm happily painting. Or rearranging furniture. Or hanging photos. Or painting onesies.

That's right. I said it. Painting Onesies.

You see, I've never been a believer in fabric paint. For some reason the phrase conjures up images of neon puffy paint on oversize white, men's t-shirts with glued on rhinestones. But Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo makes it look oh so good. And easy. And easy on the pocket book. And did I mention ADORABLE. Oh, and by the way, if you've never checked out her site, and you like to sew or be a Crafty Mc Crafterson, you totally should. So leave here and go there. Or finish reading and then move on. Speaking of moving on...

Yes, so I read her freezer paper stencil/fabric paint tutorial and was hooked. I bought a package of white onesise with my Buy Buy Baby coupon for like $7, hopped down to Joann's with my 50% off one item coupon AND gift card (Thank you Clemencia!) to buy fabric paint, pulled out my freezer paper and exacto knife, and away I went.

Last night I created three, custom made onesies in 15-20 minutes.

Did you see that space. That was so you had time to recover from the shock. Something HOMEMADE and SPECIAL in FIFTEEN MINUTES. NOT an "hour sewing project" that really takes me 5 hours. I AM SO ADDICTED!

My camera is out on loan to some fellow photographers, or I would have photos for you. I'll snap some tonight when I have camera in hand. But I think they're pretty cute. : ) I made a letter stencil and a fishy stencil. Then I put three fishies in waves on one onesie. ADORABLE. : ) So there you have it. I'm behind in work. My house looks like one that should be on the show "Clean Sweep," But I made TWO BABY GIFTS IN 15 MINUTES!?! : ) Maybe tonight I'll try fabric painting a pair of lounge pants I made for Nells. No worries, I didn't sew the leg holes togetherTHIS time. : )

:::Edit to add:::

My fabulous Mother-in-law sent me this photo shortly after I posted the above:

#1 This is the type of fabric painting I remember doing on my own...and WEARING PROUDLY...which is why I was so skeptical of "fabric paint." Again, my fishy onesies look NOTHING LIKE THIS. : )

#2 I LOVE so much that my mother-in-law kept these...becuase I will do the same thing with Nells' clothes. : ) Tele-hug to you!!

#3 I actually laughed out loud at the thought of a miniature husband running about in his red Christmas puffy-paint sweatshirt! : ) Awesome.

Do you have any "old school" fabric paint shirts??? : )


Monday, April 12, 2010

This Weekend...

..has been filled with Craziness. Notice the capital C. That's right. I emphasized it. Moving on..

We've had a terribly sick little girl. I know this is the first of many illnesses, but, jesopete, I didn't know I could be so worried! The poor thing would be fever free and within 10 minutes her temperature would spike to 103.9. : ( We had several baths, Little People DVD viewings, book readings and snuggles. Oh goodness the snuggles. She just wanted to lay on my chest - just like when she was a newborn. She's finally seeming to turn the bend and feel better though -- YAY!

Also (this was before said ear infection befell Nells) she has taken to this odd eating habit. I'll lay out her snack blanket and bring over a tiny bowl of ritz crackers with cheese. She'll take out a cracker eat two teeny tiny bits and then place it on the blanket. Said ritual continues until ALL THE CRACKERS have been nibbled this way. Then she promptly says "Ahwl duuh" and walks away. If I put the crackers back in the bowl, she walks over in amazement, starts nibbling, cracker piling and when they're all get the pictures. It CRACKS ME UP. I'm trying to catch it on video!

Okay. Sorry for the mundane post. :) I'll bring my A-game tomorrow!


Friday, April 9, 2010

And the winner is...

Number 11 - DAWN!

Em - Love the new banner!!

Kitchen color - I love mine right now - Tuscan feel with burnt oranges, browns, and lots of rod iron (I have a thing for rod iron...just ordered the best new basket for fruit). One day I will buy some new dishes that actually match my house but right now I am in the process of overhauling my bedroom.

Follow your blog all the time and look forward to the fun stories. I could really use the spatulas - mine are about 10 years old and are really, really showing their wear (ie: completely falling apart!).

This is when my boycot on facebook causes me issues...I lose an opportunity...bummer!

Have a fabulous week!

Thanks everyone for participating! It was so much fun! Look for more giveaways coming soon! :)

P to the S - Nells thinks she needs glasses - so she stole Grammy's. :)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

One More Day!!!

So...the giveaway was perfect timing. Our computer hard drive had to be wiped clean and reformatted. Which means no computer for a few days/weekish. Which means no blog posts. Which means no work. Which means I am officially behind. :( BUT I will move ahead now! :)

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway! :)

I will leave you with two AWESOME family photos:

My brother, Daddy, Nells Bells, Moi, Momma & husband. Don't we look so sharp!

Husband, Nells, Moi, Husband's Momma & Husband's Daddy (not pictured Uncle, Aunt & Baby Peaches...or Baby Hand-Fist (: we missed you kids!!! )

Had a great Easter - more photos to come! I'll be making the announcement tomorrow!