Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kid's Quips

Caryn.  You totally win the quote game.  :)  What is your heart's desire?  Game of Memory?  A teeny tiny Boy Ville?  Perhaps a Pretty Princess set?  :)  I might  make an exception and whip you up an oven mitt if you prefer!  :)

Moving on...

One of my favorite recent quotes from the new three year old in the house came the other day in the car.  We were driving by one of those "We Buy Gold" places with a person, dressed as Gumby, waving manically outside.

Sesame: "Mommy, who is that?"
Me: "You know Sesame, I don't know.  Who do you think it is?"
Sesame: "It's Dr. Roscoe."

She didn't miss a beat!  It just goes to show what a few fun hats in a Dr's office can do for a kid!  :) We love you Dr. Roscoe!

Another recent gem:

Sesame: "Daddy, may I go into Jack in the Box, Please?"
Husband: "I don't know Sesame.  It's kind of late."
Sesame: "Actually, I know the Jack in the Box.  So it's okay."

Where does she get this stuff!?  Her expressions to accompany the hilarity are fantastical as well.  Love that kid.  Speaking of my kids:

Um...Where did my baby go??? 

For real.  This girl is not a baby any more.  Three just seems so...

Big.  Fun and fantastic, but old and big too.  

Meanwhile, these two love each other.  No, like I can't sleep until I hug you kind of love one another.  It's rock-tacular.  Except when their expression of said love includes sitting on the other one.  Or clawing the other's face.  All with good intentions, mind you, but harmful nonetheless.  I mean who wants love-claw marks.  Maybe that Twilight chick, Bella, if she'd gone for the werewolf dude.  But that's a long shot.  

Favorite.  Little Dude.  Expression.
I call it his "Old Man" look.  
He reminds me of Carl from the movie "Up."
Only armed with a teething ring instead of a walker with tennis balls.
Slight difference.

Yep.  That's my boy.
Drool and all.
He finally has two teeth and a third just broke through today.
He's also eating like a maniac.
Does this ever stop with boys?
I heard they always eat all the time.
Anyway, he's doing well.
Still not interested in moving about much.
He's very much an observer.

Be back soon-ish.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Kids.

My kids make me smile.  Wait.  The way they adore each other makes me smile.

Sesame sneaks into Squirt's room when he wakes up from a nap before I even hear the boy.  It's amazing.  Her "Mommy sense" is almost more attuned to him than I am.  She drags the footstool to the rocking chair over and climbs up to greet him.  He squeals and giggles every time he sees her.  She's like an instant happy pill!  :)

Little Dude loves, loves, to snuggle with Sesame in her bed.  I lay him down next to her every evening at bed time.  He immediately extends his left hand out to touch her cheek.  Seriously.  I think it's the boy's way of saying "I love you" without words.  It's too cute.  She responds with squeals of delight and says, "Ezzy, that tickles." or "Ezzy's playin' with my cheek.  Do it again Ezzy!"  He cannot contain his joy at her enthusiasm. His little feet kick a mile a minute and his arms flail about.

Squirt also enjoys partaking of imaginative play.  I know, he's well ahead of the cognitive curve.  He has been dressed as Cinderella and baby Emma in the past week.  Shhh...don't tell husband dearest.  :)

Sesame worries when she doesn't know where Little Dude is.  For real.  She hunts around the house calling out for him.  It cracks me up because, most of the time, I'm holding him.  When she discovers his wherabouts she cups he hand over her mouth, hunches her shoulders up, squints her eyes and gives a silent laugh at her lack of observance.  Love that kid.

I also heart their matching pajama-jams.  : )  Too cute.  (Thanks Nonnie and Pawpaw!)

On a random side note, this photo from our first snow:

Is in desperate need of a caption.  For real.  :)  I cropped it just right in camera so the poor boy looks like the little brother in Christmas Story, immobile, left alone, in a snowy field.  : ) No worries, husband was right there.  : )

Caption this photo or fill in the thought bubble.  I'll choose a winner this weekend.  Winner receives their very own version of Lil' Blue Boo's Boy 'ville, Box 'O Princesses or Customized Memory Game!  : )  I feel like giving today!  :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a fantastic Christmas with our family out West and celebrated the New Year here at home!  I'll brief you more on the gifts, games and giggles in our Christmas later.  For now, I'm going to try and find homes for all this new stuff!  :)