Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cleaning Off the Laptop

Husband informed me last night that the hard drive on the laptop is officially full.

No. Really.

Windows was trying to update over night and couldn't because there are (shock dismay) too many photos filling up our hard drive. He graciously started moving photos from the laptop to Galileo (our giant workhorse of a desktop computer - And, yes, I really do call the computer by name when I sit down to work on it). However, this doesn't mean we actually NEED to KEEP all of the photos. So I will begin the task of sorting through the hundreds (thousands??) of photos we've accumulated over the life of Demosthenes (name of slowly dying laptop). Here are a few gems I've already found:

The last trip to the apartment we lived in for our first year of marriage! :( Notice my stylish shoes with the comfy clothes. I do miss the apartment sometimes!

Whilst cleaning out some boxes before moving all my *junk* over to the new house, my father and brother found some old Halloween costumes. What else could they do but put them on!?

I love this photo from last Christmas because: A) We're truly this goofy all the time. B) Yes my momma bought us matching pajamas that expand when you put them in water. And the best part - they're from Alaska. :) C) I just love Christmas time!

More to come as I delve into the photos on Demosthenes...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caption Please???

Found this somewhere in the blogosphere. PLEASE give me the script that would accompany the visuals! :) - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Colors...

So. Here's the thing - I LOVE color! Seriously there is just no denying it, I love color and lots of it! So the question I have for you all then is this: Why are all things baby pastels???? Why is it so hard to find brightly colored items for babies?!? If it's not baby butt blue or pink it's soft yellow or green. Orange, red and purple are just left completely out of the color scheme when it comes to nurseries, not to mention clothing! Does anyone know who I can write to about this phenomenon? I'm to the point where I just went out and bought fabric with which to create my own blanket for the crib. I know it won't be used for some time, however, it will be BRIGHTLY colored not pale. Our child will grow up with eye problems due to their overexsposure to color so early on in infancy. But you know what, they'll like red! :) Check out the AWESOME fabrics I bought for Sesame today:

I can't wait to start sewing!

I can't wait to start sewing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why People ALWAYS Win...

Husband and I have had this ongoing discussion throughout the length of time we have known each other. In fact, I believe our first debate centering on robots/machines vs. humans was the very night we met.

Now. I have recently started my own, albeit small, photography business out of our house. I am by no means an expert, but enjoy what I do. In order to save money, husband, in all his generosity, intelligence and splendor, has KINDLY offered his crazy mad computer skills to create a website. Since neither of us knows how to use flash, it's slow going, but the site is AWESOME.

Okay. Back to the point.

Whilst I love to take photos and edit them, MY skills with the computer leaves something to be desired. I"m not an idiot, but I'm no Einstein. So when I ventured to create a DVD out of some senior pictures the other day I quickly realized I was taking my life into my own hands.

Not only am I very anal about visuals, but also SOUND. This nifty little program that college pc man (seriously I think we ordered our computer from a larg,e curly headed, college boy who collects random computer parts from the street and Frankenstein's them together...thankfully MUCH better than the scientist in the book...) put into our software program APPEARED to be EASY TO USE. First clue that this would take longer than an afternoon. ALL the buttons I needed to press were an embossed gray color = unable to use. I searched for help online. I called husband. I threw a pen and scared my dog. THEN I was frustrated because I couldn't get the sound to FADE OUT. I just stopped. Fortunately, after two days, I finished the DVD (YAY!) and everyone remained alive.

Now. Here is the part I don't understand. If I had called their customer service number, which I seriously considered, I KNOW I would have become MORE frustrated because I would have spent MORE time with an automated MACHINE voice. Now I ask you - is it so hard to have humans running a company for the technically challenged??? Have mercy on our already strained patience and just answer the phone! Please!

Okay. Massive complaint/ramble over.

On a happy note today is my "leave the house day." :) I have a bible study in Genesis I'm attending on Wednesday a bout an hour. We're taking a break from study today to celebrate the birth of a baby with a small baby shower! yay! :) The Genesis study is amazing though. I must admit, I was a little leary heading into the discussions. My ideas behind creation tend to conflict with others sometimes -- HOWEVER the Lord has reminded me that the WHOLE PURPOSE behind the book is to GLORIFY HIM! :) The details don't really matter, the picture that is painted reflects the awesomeness of our creator and how infinitesimally small we are compared to the Lord. I would highly recommend watching the Louie Giglio DVD How Great Is Our God. It's only $10 on amazon. Good stuff. :) Okay I'm off to get ready for the day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lines I Love...

I just HAD to share this fabulous line from Bring the Rain:

"It is a maxi-pad party and it is happening. To me. "

Seriously. Genius. :) Everyone should check out her newest post which includes said line. :)