Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Sesame Is Not A Lima Bean!

So over the past 3-4 weeks Sesame has been moving more and more. Last Sunday I was lounging on the couch while husband played some video games. All of a sudden he yells "WHOA! Was that the baby?!" I looked up at him, "What??" "Your just...jumped or something..." "Yeah, Sesame's really starting to get the hang of kicking, rolling and punching. Did you actually see it?!" I couldn't believe it. He leaped up and darted across the room to feel. Of course our little Chuck Norris wanna be stopped moving at that point!

We had our second Ultrasound yesterday. I'll spare you all the magic eye photos - you know that ones where you have to squint and turn it upside down to see that it's ACTUALLY a picture of a leg. :) This one is CLEARLY a profile of Baby Sesame.

I'm happy to report that there is only one baby -- complete with all limbs and vital organs. The Doctor did comment on the baby's "unusually long arms and large head." When I asked if it was something to be concerned about he replied, "Nope, just above average in length and width."

Oh great.

Our child will be the kid in kindegarten who falls out of their chair because they can't balance the weight of their head with their body. I can see it now. Of course the long arms will come in handy when Sesame tries to pull Sesame's self back into their chair. Oh Sesame we love you mutant baby! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Freepeats...Oh How I Love Thee!

new site found: freepeats. I repeat = FREEPEATS. This week is free membership so snag it while you can!!! The Indianapolis portion is still relatively small so help spread the word and grow the site!!! The website is much like freecycle but WAY more user friendly. It offers baby items from food - coupons - cribs - strollers for young ones all for the best price ever = FREE!!! :) So check it out and join while it's free! :)

Just You Wait Homer Higgins, Just You Wait...

Okay. So most of the blogs I read center around mother's, children and mothering. Yes, I know we do not yet have little Sesame out of the womb, but I figure it's never to early to start learning about mothering! :) Therefore, until we have a wee one running amuck to photograph and tell hilarious stories about, I will recount the tales of Homer Higgins to you.

Homer Higgins is our black lab retriever. And he's 8 months old. :)

Recently he's taken to knocking two of the couch cushions out, followed by collecting his toys and placing them in the newly de-cushioned area. Shortly after this I will come downstairs to find him huddled over his toys as if he's hiding in a little fort. When I first told Conrad "I think Homer's making a fort with the green couch." I'm pretty sure he considered committing his wife then and there. "That's ridiculous." He said. Oh Contrare.

I now have PROOF of the action:

Here he is in process. Note the little rope he's gathered into his fort. Too cute. I must say the little rascal brightens my days! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Six Word Memoir?!

Katie at Heart Gone Walking "tagged me for a six-word memoir meme. Started by Book Babie, it's based on the story that Hemingway once bet $10 that he could sum up his life in six words. His memoir: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn." Now does that mean he never had children? He was born a ginormous child and went straight into adult sized shoes? You decide. But for out intents and purposes here are the rules of the game:

1. Write your own six-word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration, if you’d like.
3. Link to the person who tagged you and to the original post so it can be tracked as it travels across the blogosphere.
4 .Tag five more blogs with links.
5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Six words. That's right, I whipped out the italics for that one. I mean business! :) I know you all will not disappoint! :)

So without further ado, my six word memoir:

Verbose sinner meets patient Savior = grace.

Now, I will insert here that rules including punctuation were not included in the original post, thus I found the use of the = , ; , ; , &, and - to be very helpful in my endeavors! :)

My runners up:
  • Idiosyncratic Rambler: loves words, mountains, laughter.
  • Christ Saved Sinner. Scared of Snakes.
  • Warning: prone to random laughing fits.
  • Happiness abounds when Christ is present.
  • How did the dog get that!?!
Okay, it's your turn! I tag Dawn at On Significance, Bridget at bridge in asia, Jen at lots of scotts and Krista at living inside hope.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good For A Giggle...

I just read this post from Bring in the Rain. HILARIOUS! :) Just thought I'd share!

The Healer

I love the band Hillsong - and after this video I love them even more. There is something to be said for true worship and not just singing words because it's part of the church service. Praise the Lord for being the Great Physician and Healer of all things...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Magic of Online "Shopping"

i must admit - i LOVE online shopping because i can put items into my cart, not purchase them, and they magically disappear after a few days! never again will i find myself feeling guilty about sneaking a desirable pair of shoes (that i don't need!) behind the spaghettis sauce. :) here are a few items currently in my "shopping carts" that will disappear in a few days!

a thing 1 and thing 2 baby blanket. how. cute. :)

and if the blanket wasn't enough -- a fleece thing 1 and thing 2 snuggly warm baby bodysuit! yay!

are you seeing a theme? the nursery is going to be Dr. Seuss, so i've been trolling the internet lately trying to find Seussian baby items! :)

come on. seriously. like our child would be without some music taste!? :)
(first 4 from funtocollect)and finally, husband found this the other day. he's determined to teach our child not only the laws of physics by age 3 months but also how to code in html. good luck Conrad. :) (from thinkgeek)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Note to Self...

Never again be pregnant and...

1. deal with a ceiling that is leaking above the fireplace --- where the nice 42 inch plasma screen tv happens to be located!
note: hormones will not work in your favor & the tv weighs QUITE A BIT more than a pregnant woman should try to lift.

2. closely following said leaky ceiling ordeal open mail. it is entirely possible that you will receive a court summons. what for, you might ask, well what any court summons is for --- because the animal shelter never received confirmation that your dog was neutered. in April. and it's August.
note: this might incite a very impatient phone call in which you will sound not unlike the possessed girl in the Exorcist, which will make the dog pee on the carpet.

3. try to relieve stress by unpacking old boxes. one is sure to contain your report cards & test scores from kindergarten through senior year of high school. undoubtedly one of the report cards (5th grade) will contain a comment from the teacher such as: "emily is building a solid structure on her firm foundation; as a student, a person and a Christian." this comment is sure to insight a raging monsoon of hormonal tears, at which point your husband is sure to walk through the door, immediately assuming you are dying; but, of course, you're only crying because you want a teacher to say that about your child some day! duh. silly husband.

sigh. what a day.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Entering the World of ECB's

After seeing the evidence that shopping at CVS can seriously save some money (Thank you Katie!) I decided to attempt my own shopping venture. I spent all last week researching, reading and trolling the internet for coupons pertaining to not only my grocery list, but specific items with ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) at CVS. I found several pertinent to our shopping needs and spared no time printing them off immediately! What did people do before the internet, seriously!? :)


About 30 minutes ago I excitedly entered the automatic doors of CVS, armed with my steno notepad and thoroughly organized and paper clipped coupons. I dropped the shampoo into my basket, went down the candy aisle - SERIOUSLY thought about buying candy for the ECB'S but decided the Golbov waistlines would NOT be in support of $10 worth of candy - plucked some band-aids from the shelves and finally ventured into the baby aisle.

Now, I'm only 4+ months pregnant so baby aisles are still a little foreign to me anyway, but this was intense. Not ALL of the Johnson & Johnson baby products were included in the ECB rewards - which deeply saddened me. But what disheartened me most of all were my four trips from the register back to the baby aisle to replace an item I thought was included but WAS NOT. I felt like an idiot. HOWEVER I DID manage to save some money and complete my fist CVS visit sans tears. :) YAY! Here's how the trip went:

this week's trip
total before coupons: $35 and change
total after coupons: $21 and change
CVS bucks earned: $12
total after CVS bucks: $9

I understand that my savings could have been perhaps MUCH more, HOWEVER this was my FIRST VISIT!!! I think I did pretty well all things considered! :)