Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rain, Rain - Yay!

It's been a teensy bit dry for the past month or so in the Mid west.  Dry as in our lawn is yellow dry.  We've even heard thunder and lightening yet been denied a cool, summer rain.  All that changed yesterday.  :)

Sesame, Squirt and I were outside on the swing set when the thunder started.  Loud, bone-rattling peals that sent Sesame into rigid, robot-faced scared mode.  I may have laughed at her "scared face."  I'm working on capturing the moment on film.  Anyway.  No rain.  We decided to return to the fabulous-ness that is air conditioning.  

::Begin Sidenote::  How did people survive in Indiana without air conditioning?!?  I mean, really?!  115 with the heat index AND the air is so thick you can barely breathe.  I'm an admitted big, fat wimp when it comes to heat.  I'd rather go without heat in the winter and huddle around a fireplace. ::End Sidenote::

Not ten minutes later, husband came home.  Not ten minutes after that, it started to pour!  :)

"Mommy." pauses in thought, "May you take me outside in the rain, please?"

For the briefest moment, I considered saying "No." 

We had people coming over in an hour.
The house looked like a pre-school day care arena without a janitor.
My favorite couch pillows were drowning in a sea of laundry and Little People.
There may or may not have been a bottle on top of the laptop perched upon a pile of coupons.

Then I looked at Sesame.

She's had a fair bit of change to deal with lately.  One being the loss of attention.  She has transitioned magnificently.  She loves being big sister and seriously helps.  Without her, I would probably be de-hydrated and bored.  (She brings me water and "reads" books to me while I feed Squirt).  

I thought: Why in the world would I give up this opportunity to say "Yes." to my girl?

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking wrote a great post about "saying yes" at the same time I began writing this post.  It says everything I was thinking.  

As a stay at home Momma I have to say "No" about 7,082 times a day.  And Sesame is a good child.  The times when I get to say "Yes," at this age, seem very limited.  So, why not soak myself in some rain drops.  :)

"Yes, Sesame." pauses so as not to cry, "I would love to take you out in the rain." 


Friday, July 22, 2011

So...It's Been Awhile.

Forgive me, but we've been adjusting around our home just a bit.  :)  Little Dude is rockin' sleep time.  He's fairly consistently sleeping 6 hours waking, eating, and sleeping for another 2 hours.  :)  Ahh...second babies.  :) Also, I love my job.  Just sayin'.  I think it's the only job that involves poop and crying I would willingly tackle.  It just so happens I some fabulous examples of why my job rocks.

Numero Uno:

The first baby smiles and coos.  Love.

Also - how much they love each other.  It's pretty great.


Sesame came into the living room and loudly stated, "I need lotion - for my belly." "Okay sweet heart, Mommy will be there in just a minute."  Five minutes pass.  No sound from Sesame.  A nervous "I'm going to have a ginormous mess to clean up" feeling birthed itself in my belly.  "Sesame?"  I called out.  No answer.  Where was she?  In my bathroom.  "Lotioning" herself.  With conditioner.  "Look Mommy - I'm a big girl - I did it by myself!"

Love it.

Can't blame her - except for the ruined rug - which I didn't like anyway.  :)


I'm pretty sure this one needs no caption...

...but I've been silent too long.  :)  I LOVE how these two already love each other.  Ezra smiles at the sound of Nellianne's voice.  He coos at her.  He turns his head.  I know being the big sister isn't always easy (nor the younger brother) but I am amazed at the bond they are already forming.  Maybe it's just Momma's wishful thinking - but I really think it's there.  Sesame and Squirt rock the house together.  I can't wait to see who they become!  :)


I'm hoping to not be so silent.  We have projects in the works and already a drove of stories to recount.  They had both pooped and were wailing the other day at the same time.  Good gravy.  What does a person do with twins!?  :)