Friday, June 27, 2008

Time Crunches...

It's true. I have multiple "crunches" today. I was going to pick up a 10 year old so she could get out of the house, go swimming, clean for our dinner guests that come at 6:00, do laundry for camp. weed for said guests (who are gardeners), finish up some work and cook. What did I do wrong??? I sat down at the computer "for 10 minutes to check my mail." An hour later I'm posting about my disastrous decision! :) What can I say, I work well under more pressure! ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Sesame

Since it's been too long... :) i don't even know if anyone reads this thing anymore! :) Well...the short version is Conrad and I bought a house in December. Yay! We're totally stoked! Homes are a ton of work, but well worth it all. Then we added to our family with a new black labrador retriever we rescued from the Humane Society. He is now 6-7 months old (we snatched him when he was 2-3 months) and his name is Homer - after the poet, not the Simpsons character! :) He is full of energy and becoming better behaved everyday. We're doing all the training ourselves, extra work, but well worth it once again. If that wasn't enough to change in 2008 we found out that we will be adding to our family again in January of 2009 - only this time with a baby. :) We are ecstatic!!! I'm currently 11 weeks along and all seems to be going well! God is truly good. Hopefully I will be more diligent in reporting the goings on in our life. I'll give ANOTHER try! :)