Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warning: This post contains the Word Tampon...

...But first the winner is...

Number 7 - Kendall!

YAY! Just let me know what size, if you want onesies or T-shirts and if you still want Star Wars - because I can so do it! : )


Dear Sesame,

It has been some time since I wrote you a brief letter. I think it's good for your development to read. At least, that's what I hear. Anyway, Mommy thought it best to let you in on some secrets. When it's Mommy's shower time, and you're playing in the bathroom, so Mommy knows where you are, that does not mean you can pull Homer's tail. Nor does it invite you to eat the bathroom rug. Ew. Gross. It is also unacceptable behavior to open the box of tampons/maxi pads (you'll learn what they're for later in life, I promise!) and have a little "let's decorate Mommy's bathroom" party.

Did you hear me???



While I am so very excited that your fine motor skills have reached heights that allow you to accomplish such feats, it is not okay to stick items of this nature ALL OVER THE CABINETS and DOORS!!! This is is why, after you so cutely knocked on the shower door, and Mommy opened said door, you saw a face that morphed from sheer joy to horror. Perhaps moments like these are where you get your face-making abilities.

Recent occurrences that are also unacceptable:

1. Throwing Homer's treats in the toilet.
2. Learning how to open children's safety locks. (Please, just pretend you don't know how!)
3. Eating dandelions.
4. Dumping Mommy's Diet Dr. Pepper all over the picnic blanket.
5. Screeching like a banshee at young children. (Sweetheart, it frightens them, it does not entice them to play with you.)
6. Licking fuzzy dandelions.
7. Trying to feed toilet paper to Homer.
8. Trying to feed your socks to Homer.
9. Leaping off furniture.
10. Drinking Mommy's coffee.


aka Momma


monica said...

Maybe #10 should really be #1. Seems like it might just be the catalyst for everything else... ;-)

Kendall said...

I just now saw this post and I was expecting to be entertained for a few minutes until Harrison wakes up but I am way more than entertained! I can't decide whether to scream excitedly because I won the giveaway or laugh hysterically about your daughter's antics first.
However, baby just woke up so I will get back with you asap Em!