Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Would Be Awesome...

So I decided to test my mad sewing skills. I successfully made a Christmas present for $1.00 -- and it looks FABULOUS! :) I would totally put photos up...but I'm pretty sure the recipient reads this blog. :) So that will have to wait until after Christmas. This morning I thought it was time to practice sewing on knit fabrics before I made my first Sienna Dress. I don't know why, but I don't want to mess it up...EVEN THOUGH the dress is made from T-shirts I was going to send to Goodwill. ANYWHO - this was my practice run -- a Long-sleeved T for Nells

I traced one of her shirts and used the neckline from the original shirt.

Because I'm a TOTAL sewing novice - I accidentally cut through the sleeve ends. whoops! BUT out of that mistake - these ADORABLE ribboned sleeve cuffs were born! :)

I was so stoked. It was looking really cute. Better than I had envisioned. So I thought I'd try it on Nells.

And then her arms wouldn't go through the sleeves.

I thought she was being difficult so I tried harder.

And then...

I realized I sewed the arm holes shut. Nice.

This shirt would be awesome if it had sleeves an arm could go into.

Sewing machine: 1 Emily: 0


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