Monday, April 12, 2010

This Weekend...

..has been filled with Craziness. Notice the capital C. That's right. I emphasized it. Moving on..

We've had a terribly sick little girl. I know this is the first of many illnesses, but, jesopete, I didn't know I could be so worried! The poor thing would be fever free and within 10 minutes her temperature would spike to 103.9. : ( We had several baths, Little People DVD viewings, book readings and snuggles. Oh goodness the snuggles. She just wanted to lay on my chest - just like when she was a newborn. She's finally seeming to turn the bend and feel better though -- YAY!

Also (this was before said ear infection befell Nells) she has taken to this odd eating habit. I'll lay out her snack blanket and bring over a tiny bowl of ritz crackers with cheese. She'll take out a cracker eat two teeny tiny bits and then place it on the blanket. Said ritual continues until ALL THE CRACKERS have been nibbled this way. Then she promptly says "Ahwl duuh" and walks away. If I put the crackers back in the bowl, she walks over in amazement, starts nibbling, cracker piling and when they're all get the pictures. It CRACKS ME UP. I'm trying to catch it on video!

Okay. Sorry for the mundane post. :) I'll bring my A-game tomorrow!


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The Plaid Cow said...

You have to try each one of the crackers to make sure that they are all the same. I remember Katherine going through an entire bag of donuts, taking a small bite out of each one of them, then putting them back in the bag.