Monday, June 20, 2011


Ezra Thomas

born June 18, 2011
8 lbs. 7 oz. 21.75 inches long

Squirt is pretty much awesome.  :)  I'll regale you all with the details of his birth - but I'm a bit busy at the moment.  :)  Perhaps I'll re-master the art of typing while nursing.  We shall see.  :)  So far though, he's a pretty laid back little dude.  He let's me know when he's hungry, but he's not in a hurry.  He looks and has the mannerisms of an old man - which completely cracks me up!  Seriously, little man is fantastic.  :)  Nellianne has taken to Ezra quite well and we're all heading home together today as a family of four.  I can't wait for this new adventure! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A long, long last...

OK, kids, the day has finally arrived! Wife's water broke today in the wee hours of the morning (4:22am). Homer looked very concerned, and kept farting because he was nervous. After a semi-conscious gathering of things and a few calls to the doc and her parents, we were off the the hospital. We checked in ok, and Wife now looks like a very cheerful Borg. We've got a few hours to hang out while Wife (with very mentionable help from the Lord) performs a miracle, and then we'll update you all with how things went. In the mean time, prayers are appreciated, so keep 'em coming!

This is the game face. Fierce, eh?

Just here for moral support,

It's True...

Although there are a ton of downsides to hauling around a wee one internally - I still enjoy it.  : )  Call me crazy, but it's a bit easier when one of them is on the inside as opposed to the outside.  I, however, cannot WAIT to meet little Squirt.  Despite the endless contractions that never quite get close enough or intense enough, I'm savoring this last little bit of pregnancy.

Baby Squirt on his/her due date

Baby Sesame on his/her due date

I most definitely have carried the two children in different ways.  Less swelling this time around and less (as in half) the weight gain.  Of course, that might be because I never lost everything from the first go around!  :)  Anywho, I'll quite rambling!  Hopefully the next post will include an introduction to our newest family member! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

I found some photos.  I know, you all are shocked.  :)  There I was, planning to post something all crafty, because for once in my life I remembered to take photos of a project, when I found these fantastical photos.  And I laughed.  Out loud.  No, really, not just like IM speak "lol" - I really laughed out loud.

The first:

This is so hilarious because what you don't see is my daughter's face when she realizes there was something in the bucket that she put on her head.  "What was inside?"  You ask.  Water.  That she put there.  Two seconds before this photo was snapped.  :)  See - you're starting to think about laughing aren't you????

Then there is this photo - which needs no explanation save my husband has waited his entire life to have children for a moment like this:

I'm sorry, can we just zoom in on that face a bit:

Ah, parenthood.  :)  Happy weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

On Missions.

I have a heart for missions.  No, like a heart that wants to move to Kodiak, AK someday to help with missions on the Emerald Isle - kind of heart - for missions.  I feel very called to serve in that particular place for my Lord.  But, the time is not yet.  Regardless of my love for the people of Kodiak I know that the Lord has me here, in this time, and in this place for a purpose.  He's been teaching me about contentment.  He's been teaching about my role and job as a missionary to my neighbors.  He's opened doors and shut them.  He's moving and creating opportunities to share the Good News that is Jesus Christ.  (Can I get and Amen?!)  

That said, Husband and I have talked several times about instilling a love for missions in our children.  What does that look like?  How do we do it?  How do you show them to perceive the needs of others - both spiritual and physical?  When is too soon?  When is too late?

As with most things parenting, we determined you can never start too early.  :)  

Our Middle School kids are doing their yearly mission trip this week.  There is no grand trip across, or out of, the country.  Our kids are preparing the grounds of an area where Missionaries come to rest between travels. They are working in a local food bank.  They are doing work which they will see the results of in their own community.  Awesome. :) 

Husband is with them.  We decided since I am 2 weeks away from birthing Little Squirt that maybe I shouldn't be shoveling dirt, digging ditches and hauling metal fencing, so I'm visiting them and taking photos.  :)  Although, all that manual labor could through me into a welcome labor.  But them husband would miss the rest of the trip.  And that would be sad.  I digress...

Sesame and I visited yesterday morning.  On the way over, I explained that we were visiting the kids and we would be helping.  "I wanna diiiiiiiiiiig!"  She shouted from the backseat.  I sighed to myself thinking, she totally doesn't understand in her little 2/5 year old mind what's going on.  She is totally going to be unhelp.

No.  She jumped right in.  New shoes dirty and grimy.  Her little Elmo shovel in hand, placing tiny bits of dirt into wheelbarrows.  Little Sesame grunts echoed around the open field as she tried so desperately to move the wheelbarrow.  It rocked.  :)  Afterward, on the way to Pappy and Yia Yia's, I asked her what she thought.  She replied, "I like ta help the people."  "I know, aren't the kids cool!" thinking she meant the middle school kids. "No, Momma!  You tell me dah fish-uhn-rees (missionaries) we helped." I paused.  "Yes, Sesame, we helped the missionaries so they can go tell people about Jesus."  "I like Jesus," she said, "An i cream (ice cream) We have i cream?"  

While she doesn't totally understand, something got through.  :)  At least Jesus came before the ice cream.

We brought our own Elmo tools to help with.

She jumped right in without hesitation - but what kid doesn't want to dig in the dirt and help with wheelbarrows!  Come on!  :)

Takin' a break after an entire hour of work!  Whoa baby!  :)  She even got to drink kool-aid out of a big girl cup!  Look out world!  :)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Just Say This...

There is a post coming today.

:)  About time, right?  :)