Friday, August 7, 2009

Master "Pee"

Dear Momma,

I am writing to clarify about our little "incident" this morning. You see, I understand that you thought my need to relieve myself dissipated after you removed my supremely soggy diaper. Also, I am eternally grateful to you for allowing me to be naked and free for more than just bath time. I cannot express to you the joy that filled my soul when you placed my bare-bottomed body in the crib while you filled the tub. I didn't mean to upset you either. What does that gaspy sound mean anyway? And why did you say all of my names like that?? I've never heard you use all my names together before. Anyway, I'm sorry.



Dear Sesame,

Mommy made that gaspy sound because she didn't know little girls had such peeing capabilities. I didn't realize that a little girl could crawl over to the crib slats, sit up, stick her little legs through the bars, and urinate - leaving the crib sheet, dust ruffle, wall and crib slats soaked in tiny, little girl potty. Mommy was shocked. Mommy was dismayed. And Mommy couldn't help but laugh a little in her head. Anyway, you won't be naked in your crib anytime soon. I'm sorry too.


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