Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where My Time Goes

I recently had a few friends ask when husband and I were going to update the website. Since my better half is a genius with computers and is taking the time to learn flash so we don't have to hire out the project, my answer is I don't know. :) So for now I will post a few photos from recent shoots just so you all can see what I've been up to! :)

A recent baby session with some family photos too! :)

These are from a recent engagement shoot. The couple was from out of town and we didn't meet until the day of. WAY FUN! :)

This is my most recent shoot. In fact, she hasn't seen the photos yet because they aren't all done! :) BUT I LOVE these two. She was a doll to work with - up for wading in freezing cold water, climbing on crumbling bricks and dealing with a plague of grasshoppers near an old barn!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As the Belly Grows...

Last night as my husband graciously caved into his pregnant wife's 9 pm craving for Chili's tortilla chips, he noted: "WOW! You're not going to fit in booths pretty soon!" It's true ladies and gents. If I'm a little over halfway and am already having issues...I will soon be unable to eat in places where the booths are immovable. What's a girl to do!?

Oh and why is it when you're pregnant everything fried, greasy, sugary, salty and starchy just sounds simply AMAZING!? I guess strawberries always sound good too. And blueberries. Oh and granola. I could eat granola right now. I think will. :)