Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Gravy...

The blogging community is going to fire me for not following through on promised posts! :) FINALLY here are some of our museum pictures! :) Most of them are SOOC (Straight out of camera) or minimal editing - be warned. But, clearly, I could not wait any longer to share. :)

Mr. Smiles (our buddy from church!) and Cranky Pants McGee (aka Crazyhair Nellie) had a lovely time romping in the cushion-clad play area, and eating the railings.

Isn't he the cutest thing?! Look at the little smirk! ADORABLE.

She was playing Queen of the cushion hill.
She won.
She didn't realize she was playing alone.
But, hey, whatever floats her baby boat.

Again with the cuteness. I'm melting over here. MELTING.

Somber and deep in thought or pooping? You decide.

Cranky pants and Smiles were uncertain about the mobile song team at first. Smiles got down with his bad self though - clapping and dancing. Cranky pants just stared in disbelief. I think she might need to have a nap before trekking to the museum next time.

So we played in water. Water makes everyone happy. :)

And we mowed.

And we fed babies red onions. When tattooed baby (It said ICM in sharpie on the head! Of all places?!) refused shared red onion, Cranky pants took a chunk for herself. We condone the sharing of germs and eating of plastic in our family. :) (note: sarcasm.)

The kiddos are entranced by a waving puppet bear. :)

And this is perhaps my favorite photo of the day. Why? Because if you look closely in the mirror ball you will see two women with cameras. One is Smiles' Momma and one is me. :) We both just might have a slight camera problem.

All in all - a day well spent! :) Hopefully we'll play again soon - and be in a better mood! :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Post... bring you some of emily's eye photography's latest work! :) I just can't help myself sometimes! I mean, hello, this is why I haven't been posting as frequently -- even photos of Nells Bells!

The Loverly Sarah:

Is she not beautiful!? I love this kid!!

The willowy Taylor:

She was SUCH a trooper -- she climbed a rickety, metal grate, grain silo staircase in FOUR INCH HEELS!? She was AWESOME!

I've just about finished up two weddings, am still editing Taylor's and have two shoots this weekend! Busy, busy, busy! :)

I PROMISE the museum post will be up by tomorrow!!! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

In So Many Words...

...this week...we've been:

homebound, sickish, teething, to the museum, crafting, walking, running, chasing Homer in a snow storm, I could go on. But most of all...

we've been creative. :) Playing with our floor alphabet as if it's a necklace. The letter 'Q' becomes quite a pretty 'pretty,' so to speak. :) I looked up to see my Little Miss. parading around with her new bling.

She even wore her jewels on her flight across America - via the blinds. :) She told me aaaaaaaaaaaaall about it. :) Just like this: "Ba bab - baaaaaaaaahl - duh - doo gguh vu vu." "I know" I nooded, " I hate how small the seats are too...but at least you get peanuts." "Dat," she replied. :)

Gotta love it.

To come:

The Children's Museum: Adventures with Kalen and Nells. (Might I add Sesame was stone-faced the entire trip, whilst Mr. K-dawg regaled us with his AWESOME facial expressions and WORDS!!!! He's intentional and clear about the word "baby." How fabulous!?)

The Escape of Homer: Winter 2010

Why I Will Never Say Yes To Anything Ever Again. (aka why I'm always late.) :)

P.S. Nellianne says:



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There Are Days...

...when I think Conrad will never get home from work.
...when I don't think I can wash one more white undershirt.
...when I let the baby play with the dog toys.
...when I avoid my own room.
...when I put Sesame in the tub to calm her down.
...when I eat a hot dog, blueberries and cheese chunks with Nells.
...when I let a load of laundry sit in the washer.
...when let a movie or music or tv play all day - just for the noise.
...when I sulk and whine, which causes someone else to sulk and whine, which is a mess.
...when I vacuum the furniture and ceiling fan...instead of doing the tower of dishes from the weekend.
...when I miss just holding my baby.
...when I refuse to fold socks...because none of them have mates anymore.
...when I shovel the snow off the walkway...instead of doing the tower of dishes from the weekend.

Then I realize...

...those are the days I never open my Bible.
...those are the days I miss my kitchen window post-it prayers...because I avoided the dishes.
...those are the days I don't read a Bible story to Nells.
...those are the days I don't walk with the Lord.
...those are the days He reminds me just how much I need Him.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


So this little one is EVERYWHERE. Seriously. She's like Speedy Gonzales on steroids. She's at my feet "helping" in the kitchen one second and the next she's halfway up the staircase! It's crazy! Crazy...but oh-so-awesome. :) She's also starting to communicate more. Lots. More.

If you ask her a question now you get this fabulous little arm shrug. (Shrug not pictured...again...she's fast...too fast for a slow shutter speed...) Husband was changing her the other day and she threw her book off the changing table. She turned back to him, shrugged her shoulders, raised her pudgy hands and said "Wuu?" In Nellie-speak that's "Where?" I'm guessin' she's heard "Where'd it go????" on too many times. :)

We've also just about got the fork and spoon thing down. :) Oh, did I mention she's notorious for eating snow off Homer...or the floor...somehow she ALWAYS finds the speck that I miss and EATS IT! arg. What do you do??? :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

This Morning...

was cold. And for some reason there were these awesome teeny-tiny, minute flakes of snow clinging to everything. So after Nells was out for a short AM nap...I ventured into our yard...

...and found a taste of the glory of God. What a mighty God we serve to choose to touch our world with this kind of beauty. Some cards might be in order...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Life,

I had no idea that one day (aka yesterday) my day would start with the statement: "STOP EATING SNOW OFF THE DOG!"
I also was unprepared for the "Little People Swim Competition 2010."

Clearly, Nells Bells got that memo. How many times do I have to ask that you keep us on the same page life?! I mean if it's Little People Swim in the Toilet day -- I need to know these things!! Poor little birthday boy Bob wasn't even in his swim trunks.

Also, if you suddenly decide that I need to make a quick trip to Ball State - to find a specific building - 6 years after I last set foot on campus - Please, Please, Please make sure said building's sign is complete.

See there's the sign. What you don't see it either?? Let me help.

Yes, that would be it. INCOMPLETE as in JUST A FRAME of the sign. I mean, hello, I never had a need to visit Carmichael when I was there. So, please, life, full sign next time.

And why, might I ask, after having a 1 year old receive four shots, no nap, a small lunch and a broken favorite book would you do this to her:

Yes , yes, Life, I know the nurse said she was too sharp and would pull of her band-aids, and promptly ingest them. What's more, I wholeheartedly agreed. But really, HER ENTIRE HAND?!?

And one more thing...

Why did you make her so darn cute!? :) It's very hard to discipline her when sits in her rocker - on her own - and has such curly hair - and makes such adorable faces. But I will, and I do. And still she is cute.

So anyway, Life, thank you for the eventful day.


P.S. And thank you for the cutie-patootie daughter. ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Aunt Becky Bows...

Dear Sesame,

I just thought I would write you a quick letter to inform you of a few things. Number one: Sporting handmade Aunt Becky bows the size of your head are always acceptable. Do not let Daddy tell you otherwise. Also, it would be much appreciated if you would leave the bows in and not try and put them in Homer's hair. He doesn't like to wear bows. He's a boy. And a dog. Neither boys nor dogs should wear bows. Again, don't let Daddy tell you otherwise.

Number two, banging on your piano is an acceptable form of play. In fact, it is encouraged. You may also bang on the real piano in the living room. However, jumping and walking on your piano is an unacceptable form of play. Piano's don't like to be jumped upon. It offends them. Likewise, jumping and/or walking on the real piano is not allowed - at any. age.

Yeah, go ahead, grin. I know you just did the Macarena on that little kitty piano of yours. Your cute grin won't fool me.

Number 3: Pretending to surf while sitting is incorrect. Please stand. It makes for a cuter photo.

Number 4: Face such as this...

...and this...

..and even this, are utterly and completely adorable. They will not, however, make up for the fact that you just threw your monkey toy at Homer, promptly turned about and chucked another animal at Momma and then, loudly screeched a cry banshees would be jealous of. Throwing is also unacceptable - no matter how cute you are while doing it. I suppose throwing is acceptable as long as it is a ball. And said ball is being thrown with someone and not at them like you did with/to your little friend in the nursery on Sunday -- I saw you do it -- my eyes are EVERYWHERE! Ahem, so please be nice when throwing. :)



P.S. Please don't stop making those faces though. :)