Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sorry for the radio silence.  There really is no good reason.  I just kept telling myself I couldn't post until I posted a specific post - but I've resigned it won't happen.  :)  And Grammy needs some photos.  :)

Sesame is now a book lover.  Completely and Wholely.  I cannot begin to describe how happy this makes me.  Not only does she love books but she re-enacts them in her play time.  Love.

Little Dude is growing like a weed.  A still quite small weed, but growing none the less.

Oh.  The post I was waiting to write - about Kelsay Farms.  Everyone in the Indy area should go there.  Now.  This weekend.  The kids had so much fun there!  Seriously.  They have a corn pit and Hay tower.  Yeah, you want to go now, don't you.  I thought so.  :)

 Number One looks like she's 2 going on 16.  If you say that to her, she'll start singing "I am 16 Going on 17."  We're a bit Sound of Music obsessed right now.  ;)

Oh.  So Little Dude has been a bit urpy.  As in a baking soda-vinegar-explosion-that-won't-end kind of urper.  He has mad skills that would rival any in the Guiness Book of World Records, I assure you.  That said, I was taking his photo the other day, shock dismay, when he started laughing.

I couldn't figure out what was so funny.
I made faces to see if it was me.  No go.
I laid on my back and looked up to see if he say something funny.  Nope.
I tossled him about a bit to see if I could stir any slight laugh.  Nothing.
Then I took this photo:

Ah, yes.  I see what was so funny.  He managed to puke on his leg while laying down and Momma didn't notice.  How could I have missed that one.  :)

He is seen like this most afternoons.  He LOOOOOOOOOOOVES his red lovey.  Which may or may not look slightly like silky women's lingerie.  We'll leave that there.

Looking back at these photos makes me realize how many painted onesies I've done for homeboy.  Poor Nells.  :)  She just gets dresses.

Okay.  It's late.  I"m done.

More fun and exciting posts to come.


Monday, October 3, 2011


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