Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Things That Happen

There are things that happen in my house...
Such as this:


What!?  You don't see anything abnormal?
Let's look again...

Sesame: "Mommy, may I be excused?"
Me: "Why, yes!  Thank you for using such nice manners."
Sesame: "I think I will just save this cantaloupe for later."
Me: "Oh, that's a great idea!  Why don't you just put it in the fridge."
Sesame: "Okay."

I suppose you can't fault a girl for following directions.  Next time I will specify "just put the plate, with the cantaloupe on top, in the fridge."  :)

This lovely photo of Mr. Blue Eyes:

was taken .5 seconds after this photo:

Total.  Melt.  Down.
I cut his hair and he reacted like Chernobyl struck.
For real.
Mr. Happy-go-lucky Pants was FREAKING OUT.
Gnashing of teeth.
Hitting of his head.
And then, after 1 second.

He smiled and rainbows shot across the dining room.
Crazy sauce.

Then there was this:

She's sleeping.
With her eyes open.
And her mouth open.
This photo is legit.
She is not playing "opossum" as we called it back in the day.
She is totally and completely out
like crazy, neon MC Hammer balloon pants.

I'm so glad I keep this blog.
She will LOVE me when she's, oh, 14.

Ah, and a little slice of everyday life here:

What really doing Sesame's crazy hair is like:
Sitting in my bath robe, with Godzilla baby climbing me like an Empire State building, while singing the theme song to Cat in the Hat, while braiding reverse braids, while having my own hair brushed, while being photographed.

The reality of staying at home.
I love it.
I love the cantaloupe.
The total meltdowns. (Okay...stretching it...I love the opportunities to teach/train/mold my children that they present.  In hind sight.  At my computer.  While they slumber peacefully)
Seriously though.
I wouldn't change a bit of it.  :)

What does your day look like?