Monday, April 19, 2010

The Onesies

I have them. The onesies. Well, the photos of the onesies at least. : ) AND this fabulous little post includes a giveaway of similar onesies. : ) Oh yes. Another giveaway. But we'll get to that in a short while.

The Onesies:

Hello Nintendo 1Up Mushroom. You are so cute on this onesie. Nevermind the two glaring mistakes in your stencil - you were one of my first attempts - and you're still adorable to me.

If only I had a puke-yellow baby-kimono T like this to stencil a black Star Trek symbol on... Oh, if you hadn't guessed by now, we're a family of geeks. And, since these are gifts, our friends are geeks too. Ah, the geekery. : )

Okay, so this one is my favorite! I LOVE the swimming "is-ees," as Sesame would say. But most of all...

...I love the one that escaped and swam onto the sleeve!

Another Kimono-T with a solitary fishy on the back bottom. Aw.

And there you have it! What I've been wasting (not so much!) time on these days! :)

And I'm giving 2 away to the lucky winner!!! : )

Giveaway is open starting now until midnight Wednesday, April 21. The winner will receive two custom painted T-shirts or onesies (size newborn-5T)!! You can choose from the above, your child's initial or send along any idea you might have -- I'm really getting into this!! : )

To enter, just leave a comment answering the following questions:

What would you have stenciled on your t-shirt/onesie??

How do you drink your coffee??? Me - I prefer black with a shot of amaretto flavoring. [sigh] I'm fuzzy inside just thinking about it! : )

One extra entry given to those of you that are fans of emily's eye photography on facebook already or become one. (leave a second comment letting me know!)

One extra entry given to those of you that are followers of this blog or become followers of this blog. (leave a third comment letting me know!)

Okay, let the commenting begin!


Monica Million said...

I LOVE the fishy onesie!! Too cute!!
Something with butterflies would also be super cute... in purple or maybe in multi colors of you're feeling really crafty/brave.

I don't drink coffee... blech

P.S. We really need to get together for a playdate. It's been too long.

Monica Million said...

FB follower... check

Monica Million said...

Blog follower, too! ;-)

Becky said...

Because I currently live in the South, I've gone mad for monograms. I think it's in the air down here...every last flipping thing you see sports a monogram! And I'd totally pick one for my bebe coming soon, Miss Lucy-Anne Elizabeth. Of course, her monogram is LCE (I don't like 4-letter monograms!).
How do I drink my coffee? Hmm, how do I NOT drink coffee? Lately I've been in the habit of walking down to the corner cafe (I really do have one just down the sidewalk from the loft, isn't that the coolest?) to pick up a vanilla or hazelnut latte. I take 10 whole minutes to myself -- I leave Will with his nanny, obvs -- and get my coffee. It's FAB.
Great giveaway, I want to win! :)

majikalbutrfly said...

those are sooooo cute!
Coffee??? A blended caramel latte with real caramel..mmmmm
a blue onesie with purple or orange or some color of butterflies...if you are up for the challenge....

Kendall said...

First: I can't believe how talented you are. Good grief!
As far as the art on my dream onesie: the fish are amazingly cute but I can't get over the nintendo mushroom. I'm not so much of a trekkie, but if it was star WARS, you'd really have me. Like, if you could stencil a chewbacca? Oh man, golden.
I am still off coffee. I stopped when I got off birth control and haven't started back up. Before that, however, I would die for a hazelnut latte. I'm obsessed with tea now...
I AM a fan on facebook, but I'm not a follower or whatever you said. I will look into it.

Jackie Harding said...

Seriously! How many talents do you HAVE?! I love the fish one! so cute!

Agreed... Butterflies would be so cute.