Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The emily's eye website has FINALLY been updated a bit!!! :) We're still working on the about, contact and pricing pages, but there are photos in the gallery now. Please check it out and leave me some feedback here. We want the site to have a uniform look and but be easily navigated as well! :)

No, Really...It's Not My Blog!

This blog has officially been taken over by a very cute, tiny person by the name of Nellianne! :) Here are some gems from this weekend/week.

Daddy took her for a few hours on Saturday so I could get some housework done. It was awesome to do a load of laundry, put it in the dryer, remove it, fold it and put all the clothing away -- in the span of 2 hours! :) Anyway, I caught the two of them napping and snapped a few photos!

She had a long day. What can I say? When you need sleep a hood in your face doesn't matter!

My little bubble blower!

She's mastering the spit bubble art! She frequently wakes up with a spit-stache! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It finally happened...

...Sesame found her hands. She then promptly developed a large callus on her right index finger from sucking and biting her own hand. Then, yesterday, she realized she had magical, evil scientist like power over this appendage. That's right she realized the hand was hers to command and control. Thus she began give orders grabbing Momma's hair and favorite Silpada earrings. Her horizons expanded, she reached forth and snatched...oh how she snatched. Picking up a rattle, realizing she was causing it to make noise, she decided further investigation was necessary. Then, with all the grace and precision of a newborn calf, she missed her mouth and hit herself in the head. She repeated this act several times until, finally, she made contact - toy to tongue. :) It is the dawn of a new era in the Golbov household - the era of licking, sucking and gnawing. We're going to have to warn Homer his toys must be out of arms reach. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

TOO cute!

Gotta love the Monks...

For some reason this made me think of my college roomies...and I have no idea why!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Again...bear with the current state of the blog! A quick edit from a recent engagement shoot! Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Warning: There are changes in the works - so bear with the blog over the next few days as I slowly change soe things!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harry Potter Confessions...

I heart Harry Potter. It's as true as my bathroom is the bat cave. The past few days Nellianne and I have taken to working our way through the series when she's eating. Last night/today happened to be "Goblet of Fire" day. I came close to busting out the Durmstrung, Beauxbatons & Hogwarts decor. You know, just for festivity sake. I even considered a couple competitions between Homer, Nellianne & myself: Drooling in a pattern, Best roll-over & Stinkiest toot, however; I was too intimadated by Homer's drooling abilities and Nellianne's BM's. Oh well, another day!

Anyway...now that I've COMPLETELY gone off down tangent lane...

As we just watched the end of the film I found myself BAWLING. At the end of the film Cedric dies and Harry brings him back to the tournament grounds. Then there is this shot of Cedric's father, very dramatically, racing to his son's side. Upon realization that he is dead, he screams "Nooooooooooo." Here, ladies and gents, is where I proceeded to cry. Now, we're not just talking a small simple tear trickling down my cheek. We're talking full blown heaves that startled my daughter...AND dog. I then found myself telling Nellianne I would do ANYTHING to keep her from harms way and I loved her so much. She was moved to tears too. Loud screaming ones. That took several minutes and more food to soothe.

I keep finding old things that I see in a new light as a Momma - Harry Potter included.

More Nellianne Photos! :)

Shock. Dismay. Ihave more baby photos to share! :) I have to keep up the photos for the fam! Her she s again...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Me Monday On Wednesday...

Did your baby ever fall asleep on your nursing pillow with one eye and her mouth slightly open, and then you looked at her and thought "Wow you look like Elvis with your little mohawk-hair-patch and your collar flipped up." Did you then you take out your camera and snap a really bad photo of pirate-eye Elvis daughter? Did you ever then laugh at said photo and wake the sleeping babe? Yeah. I never did either. ;)

And now some other photos that are less piratey and more fun! :)