Wednesday, November 17, 2010


...she's cute, she's well dressed, I haven't put a photo of her up in a while and I allowed jumping on the bed today, I am going to post a photo.  :)

This is her smile.
She even said cheese.

One little monkey jumping on the bed...

Exhausted from all the jumping!


Monday, November 15, 2010


I've already had several people describe my daughter as dramatic.  Generally, I sneer at the thought of a dramatic girl - it conjures up images of junior high girls flipping me the capital W, cocking their head and proclaiming, "What-Eva," as they swing around the walk away.  This kind of drama is NEVER allowed in my house.  Sesame's little W will be slapped with a big fat backhand if that ever happens.  Ahem, I digress.

So, while she wasn't throwing down "whatever's" today, Sesame I might have, maybe over-reacted a little bit today.  We took Homer to the groomer's this morning.  She was all a twitter in the backseat yelling "Home-uh!  Home-uh!  Goo Boy!"  She giggled and guffawed at the sight of him in the car.  As we exited Ruby (my car) and entered the groomer's her face changed.  Confusion flashed across her face.  "Momma, Home-uh?"  She asked.  "Remember Sesame, Homer is too big to have a bath at our house like you do, so we have to bring him here to get all clean.  We'll come and get him after his bath, okay?"  She thought about this for a second.  "Oh-tay.  Home-uh Keen."  I chatted with our Groomer lady (who has permed, frosted hair, frosted lipstick and even pink frosted nail polish, stuck in the 80s much, I think so) who is so very sweet!  I handed her Homer's leash and all chaos broke loose!

Sesame started wailing, "HOME-UH NO NO!  HOME-UH HERE!"  Homer, who hates the groomer's anyway, started clawing at the floor, almost pulling poor Dolly Parton Groomer lady over.  Sesame started running toward him, almost taking out a small terrier in the process.  "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Sesame is screaming.  And I'm just watching.  That's right.  I"m so stunned I can't even respond.  My children are cause mass chaos in a teeny tiny Dog Salon and I'm laughing in my head.  The only other time I've ever seen Sesame this hysterical about leaving anyone/thing is when we have to put her car seat on the conveyor belt at the airport.  Man, does that girl wail when that happens.  Finally, I coax Sesame out of the Salon with a bribe to go to the library.

As I buckler her in, still gasping as she recovers from her meltdown, she eeks out, "Home-uh Allll [begins crying again] GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!"  Meltdown number two.  "Sesame, it's okay, we're picking Homer up later!  He's coming home again!"  "HOME-UH!!!  NO!!!"  She practically clawed through the window as we were driving away.  Ten minutes later, as we pulled into the library parking lot, she was still crying.  "Sesame, " I said, "They don't allow crying girls in the library, you have to stop before we go in."  "Oh [heaves] tay [sobs]"  After another minute she finally calmed down and we went into the library, payed our overdue fees (yes, I'm that mom) and enjoyed quiet play time.

My daughter may fit the word dramatic today.  I think she's just exploring the emotional side of being female. Hopefully we can channel the drama for good and not evil.  :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay.  Before I write this it simply must be known that I abhor Christmas decor, etc. before Thanksgiving.  Sorry, but the Turkeys need some love too.  That said, I am also willing to acknowledge that a fair amount of Christmas shopping must be done before Thanksgiving when on a budget.  So, in light of the frugal and budgeted shoppers during this holiday season, I thought I might suggest a few places to shop that would support the local economy/handmade/fair trade industry.  Moving on...

1. Imagination Station - I cannot say enough about this fantastic toy store.  For starters, it's like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  Without Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman.  Although, I'm fairly certain they would love this toy store.  Seriously, if Sesame even hears the word "Imagination" she starts squealing "Mah-juh-nay-sin."  "Why?" because they allow children to play with the toys!  That's right, they have a play kitchen out, a train set, a tent, a giant marble track and even an old closet converted into a bedroom for several little dolls.  They generally carry unique toys that insight creativity and, my favorite, learning!!!  Every toy we have from the shop is consistently played with.  Love.

2. by Tavi - I own a large tote from this site that I purchased at a Christian business fair in the summer.  The bag is handmade by women in Cambodia trying to support their families.  Center for Global Impact (CGI) is purchasing sewing machines and sewing lessons for these women in Cambodia with the hope they will learn a trade that can support themselves, their villages and families.  But, as the website states, "...a product without a market is pretty much useless."  CGI is attempting to help establish an international outlet for these products, via the website and small art/business fairs.  Personally, I LOVE my bag!!!  It has two pen pockets, one "cell phone" pocket, a very large zipper pocket inside and comes with four smaller "nesting" zipper pouches.  The smallest holds 5 cough drops and the larges holds a 5x7 spiral notebook.  Those exact measurements were taken by yours truly.  Anyway, I would highly recommend supporting this endeavor and snagging a cute bag for your bestie!  : )  Did I just type "bestie" ?!  Who am I!?  What has this blog done to me?!

3. Tickled Fancy via Etsy - If you've met me in real life, you know I heart earrings.  Big, fun, unique earrings.  Tickled Fancy has just that.  Chic, awesome jewelry at extremely reasonable prices!  And by reasonable I mean the earrings are $8.00 not $80.  [sigh] Try the store, you can thank me later.

4.  Patricia Leeper Fine Arts via etsy -  Okay, yes I realize this is a canvas print of a dog, but Patricia Leeper did the same type of print for me of Sesame and Holy Frijoles, it's Uh-mazing!  She combines the posterized black and white photo with whatever words you would like on the canvas.  Ours has words from the blog describing Sesame and her gregarious personality.  This gift comes in a little pricier ranging from $60 (10x10)-$435 (30x30) but is the perfect gift for the in-laws or parents!  Patricia is most gifted.


5. Kids Ink Children's Bookstore - This store used to be on the Southside when I was growing up.  I remember playing int he store while my Momma sought out books that met her Master's Degree requirements.  Now that the store is up on the Northside, we don't make it there as often as I would like to.  Nevertheless, it's still reminiscent of the bookstore in You've Got Mail (shame on you if you don't know what I"m referencing, because it's the most charming book store EVER!).  Anywho, check it out, you'll love it!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What You Missed...

Confession: I miss my blog.  It's so crazy true.  I miss writing about the crazy antics that happen in our home.  I'm fairly positive only 5 of you really read each word, which is completely cool with me, but I miss sharing the chaos that is our life here.  So.  Since I have too much to do (much less now thanks to my dear friend Suzy!) I will waste only a few small minutes here to relay a few stories.

1.  I have learned that when a child is 21 months old you must be extremely specific  in your instruction/discipline.  I told her she couldn't climb on a stool.  Two minutes later she was dragging a chair into my kitchen to aid her ascent to the kitchen counter.  When I said "Sesame, Momma said No!"  She politely stated, "No, stooh." (aka no stool)  "Ah, yes," I thought "That really is what I said."  So I clarified and life went on, yay.

2.  Sesame LOVES bath time.  I mean, who wouldn't when bath time means sitting in warm water for half an hour filling tea cups, playing with soap and splashing about!  One day Sesame had an extra long bath.  I was teaching her about physics (don't hate, my husband is a rocket scientist and I would remiss if I did not teach her about what Daddy does) which involved creating a whirlpool in the bath tub.  Long story short, Sesame tried to create whirl pool which resulted in half of the bath water splashing out onto my shirt.  She giggle and loudly proclaimed, "Mommy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall wet!"  I then decided a happy, giggly, almost 2-year-old makes anything easy to handle.

3.  I need to plan better.  Shock.  Dismay.  We haven't had a weekend home in an entire month.  I don't know how you working women keep a house, a job and a family going at the same time.  I have learned that my personality + work + staying at home + house work = MAJOR FAIL.  (The fail part being we have piles of clean laundry, dirty bathrooms and heaps of dirty dishes.)  I just need to let it go.  :)

4.  I hear Bible time.  The day goes smoother, life is happier and my attitude is a whole lot healthier when I have consistent time in the Word.  Amazing how following God's instruction makes life work!  Who'd a thunk it?!  : )

5.  Sesame was Einstein for Halloween.  (I told you husband was a rocket scientist!) That's right.  My girl will be no princess or fairy.  No silly pink tulle for our Halloween costumes!

Here she is ready to take on the 4 square court at youth group.
I actually made her lab coat from one of my old shirts.  And, get this, I didn't sew the sleeves shut.
I think my sewing skills might be on the up. : )

She even has the crazy Einstein eyebrows and moustache!  :)  Yay for silver eyeliner!

Let me draw your attention the lower left corner of this photo.  See that lovely little speckled trail.
That's pee.
I think the trick-or-treaters frightened my dog whilst we were away, because he welcomed us home with 
a pee trail.
A pee trail.
Yes you read that right,
A Pee Trail
from the top or our staircase, 
through the entryway, 
through the living room, 
through the dining room and
 through the kitchen.
I used an entire can of Spot Shot to clean that one up.
It reminded me that we don't want another dog,
At least until we potty train Sesame.

Check out the mad scientist laugh!  : )

Her notebook was choke full with equations such as, the theory of relativity.  You know that one don't you?  Yeah, I didn't either.
Good thing husband was on that one.  : )


Monday, November 1, 2010

A Post To Tell You...

..I won't really be posting today.  :(  I know.  Sadness.  I miss you all so very much!  There's just a ton on my plate right now - including 2 wedding, 2 family and 3 senior edits.  True story.  : )  So.  Here are some photos.

A little dark but still something!  :)