Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life 'Round Here

So this was my backyard today:

Untouched by photoshop.
Isn't is glorious?!
How amazing is the Lord to give us such a wonderful sunrise!?

The rest of this post is full of random photos that possess the following qualities:
1) Are from January

And that concludes the list.  
Hence why this will be one of the most random posts to date.

Little Dude.
When he decides to have a short nap, this is where he hangs out while I work.
Also note that he has not one, but two num-nums (pacifiers) dangling from his old man gums.
Not quite sure how he magicked them together, but it makes for a great photo.  :)

Do you ever find things in your home and think to yourself, "What?  Seriously?!  Is there no one else here to see this?!  Am I on candid camera?"
Happens to me all day.
This was one of those moments.
I found a fork, attached to my sink with a magnet.
So was I.
Me thinks we have a crafty three year old living in this house.

I am always a responsible housewife who sees to the laundry and dishes before any other needs.
I am always a housewife that snuggles her babies, even when they are fast asleep, and uses snuggling as an excuse to read a book.
I may or may not have read the Hunger Games trilogy in a week.

These are Little Dude's buddies.  They came over with their parents and played after church one Sunday. Good times.  :)  

Little Dude.

This next sequence rocks my socks off.
One day in January I decided I would leave Squirt in Sesame's room.
She said she wanted to have a picnic with him.
I went downstairs, rotated laundry, snagged my camera and caught these treasures:

Yes, those were sequential.
She made the sandwich and shared the sandwich.
They he fell over (like he does)
and she "picked him back up."
I may have helped her out on that one.