Friday, February 19, 2010

In So Many Words...

...this week...we've been:

homebound, sickish, teething, to the museum, crafting, walking, running, chasing Homer in a snow storm, I could go on. But most of all...

we've been creative. :) Playing with our floor alphabet as if it's a necklace. The letter 'Q' becomes quite a pretty 'pretty,' so to speak. :) I looked up to see my Little Miss. parading around with her new bling.

She even wore her jewels on her flight across America - via the blinds. :) She told me aaaaaaaaaaaaall about it. :) Just like this: "Ba bab - baaaaaaaaahl - duh - doo gguh vu vu." "I know" I nooded, " I hate how small the seats are too...but at least you get peanuts." "Dat," she replied. :)

Gotta love it.

To come:

The Children's Museum: Adventures with Kalen and Nells. (Might I add Sesame was stone-faced the entire trip, whilst Mr. K-dawg regaled us with his AWESOME facial expressions and WORDS!!!! He's intentional and clear about the word "baby." How fabulous!?)

The Escape of Homer: Winter 2010

Why I Will Never Say Yes To Anything Ever Again. (aka why I'm always late.) :)

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