Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There Are Days...

...when I think Conrad will never get home from work.
...when I don't think I can wash one more white undershirt.
...when I let the baby play with the dog toys.
...when I avoid my own room.
...when I put Sesame in the tub to calm her down.
...when I eat a hot dog, blueberries and cheese chunks with Nells.
...when I let a load of laundry sit in the washer.
...when let a movie or music or tv play all day - just for the noise.
...when I sulk and whine, which causes someone else to sulk and whine, which is a mess.
...when I vacuum the furniture and ceiling fan...instead of doing the tower of dishes from the weekend.
...when I miss just holding my baby.
...when I refuse to fold socks...because none of them have mates anymore.
...when I shovel the snow off the walkway...instead of doing the tower of dishes from the weekend.

Then I realize...

...those are the days I never open my Bible.
...those are the days I miss my kitchen window post-it prayers...because I avoided the dishes.
...those are the days I don't read a Bible story to Nells.
...those are the days I don't walk with the Lord.
...those are the days He reminds me just how much I need Him.


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Melanie Jane said...

Today I wandered on to your blog, on that sits quietly in my reading list for the when I have the time moments.. today it was exactly what I needed to read..