Saturday, February 13, 2010


So this little one is EVERYWHERE. Seriously. She's like Speedy Gonzales on steroids. She's at my feet "helping" in the kitchen one second and the next she's halfway up the staircase! It's crazy! Crazy...but oh-so-awesome. :) She's also starting to communicate more. Lots. More.

If you ask her a question now you get this fabulous little arm shrug. (Shrug not pictured...again...she's fast...too fast for a slow shutter speed...) Husband was changing her the other day and she threw her book off the changing table. She turned back to him, shrugged her shoulders, raised her pudgy hands and said "Wuu?" In Nellie-speak that's "Where?" I'm guessin' she's heard "Where'd it go????" on too many times. :)

We've also just about got the fork and spoon thing down. :) Oh, did I mention she's notorious for eating snow off Homer...or the floor...somehow she ALWAYS finds the speck that I miss and EATS IT! arg. What do you do??? :)


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Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

I don't pop over here nearly as often as I should (or, you know, AT ALL) but I have to say I love reading your posts in my reader and that little Sesame is just too darling for words!