Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Gravy...

The blogging community is going to fire me for not following through on promised posts! :) FINALLY here are some of our museum pictures! :) Most of them are SOOC (Straight out of camera) or minimal editing - be warned. But, clearly, I could not wait any longer to share. :)

Mr. Smiles (our buddy from church!) and Cranky Pants McGee (aka Crazyhair Nellie) had a lovely time romping in the cushion-clad play area, and eating the railings.

Isn't he the cutest thing?! Look at the little smirk! ADORABLE.

She was playing Queen of the cushion hill.
She won.
She didn't realize she was playing alone.
But, hey, whatever floats her baby boat.

Again with the cuteness. I'm melting over here. MELTING.

Somber and deep in thought or pooping? You decide.

Cranky pants and Smiles were uncertain about the mobile song team at first. Smiles got down with his bad self though - clapping and dancing. Cranky pants just stared in disbelief. I think she might need to have a nap before trekking to the museum next time.

So we played in water. Water makes everyone happy. :)

And we mowed.

And we fed babies red onions. When tattooed baby (It said ICM in sharpie on the head! Of all places?!) refused shared red onion, Cranky pants took a chunk for herself. We condone the sharing of germs and eating of plastic in our family. :) (note: sarcasm.)

The kiddos are entranced by a waving puppet bear. :)

And this is perhaps my favorite photo of the day. Why? Because if you look closely in the mirror ball you will see two women with cameras. One is Smiles' Momma and one is me. :) We both just might have a slight camera problem.

All in all - a day well spent! :) Hopefully we'll play again soon - and be in a better mood! :)



Aunt Becky said...

Em, l know you have been busy but I have really missed your posts. Pawpaw and Nonnie enjoyed today post with me. Thanks for the pictures. Nell's is beautiful. I love you

Pawpaw and Nonnie said...

Emily. We have missed your pictures. Pawpaw checked every day for new one. Loved the hair bows. We will see you soon. Starting home today.

suzy rowland said...

oh dear, i love it! i wonder if they have meetings for people like us with our camera addiction??? :) thanks for the post.

Clemencia said...

Hi Emily! Thank you so much for the posts and pictures. They are both so adorable. I love Nellie's hair. She is so precious. Can't wait to see you! - Love, Grammy

MMM said...

What adorable little cranky and smiles! We all have our days. Great Pictures! I love them, especially the reflection of the moms:)