Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Life,

I had no idea that one day (aka yesterday) my day would start with the statement: "STOP EATING SNOW OFF THE DOG!"
I also was unprepared for the "Little People Swim Competition 2010."

Clearly, Nells Bells got that memo. How many times do I have to ask that you keep us on the same page life?! I mean if it's Little People Swim in the Toilet day -- I need to know these things!! Poor little birthday boy Bob wasn't even in his swim trunks.

Also, if you suddenly decide that I need to make a quick trip to Ball State - to find a specific building - 6 years after I last set foot on campus - Please, Please, Please make sure said building's sign is complete.

See there's the sign. What you don't see it either?? Let me help.

Yes, that would be it. INCOMPLETE as in JUST A FRAME of the sign. I mean, hello, I never had a need to visit Carmichael when I was there. So, please, life, full sign next time.

And why, might I ask, after having a 1 year old receive four shots, no nap, a small lunch and a broken favorite book would you do this to her:

Yes , yes, Life, I know the nurse said she was too sharp and would pull of her band-aids, and promptly ingest them. What's more, I wholeheartedly agreed. But really, HER ENTIRE HAND?!?

And one more thing...

Why did you make her so darn cute!? :) It's very hard to discipline her when sits in her rocker - on her own - and has such curly hair - and makes such adorable faces. But I will, and I do. And still she is cute.

So anyway, Life, thank you for the eventful day.


P.S. And thank you for the cutie-patootie daughter. ;)

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Lani said...

I can't believe how curly her hair is! Too cute!!