Friday, August 22, 2008

Just You Wait Homer Higgins, Just You Wait...

Okay. So most of the blogs I read center around mother's, children and mothering. Yes, I know we do not yet have little Sesame out of the womb, but I figure it's never to early to start learning about mothering! :) Therefore, until we have a wee one running amuck to photograph and tell hilarious stories about, I will recount the tales of Homer Higgins to you.

Homer Higgins is our black lab retriever. And he's 8 months old. :)

Recently he's taken to knocking two of the couch cushions out, followed by collecting his toys and placing them in the newly de-cushioned area. Shortly after this I will come downstairs to find him huddled over his toys as if he's hiding in a little fort. When I first told Conrad "I think Homer's making a fort with the green couch." I'm pretty sure he considered committing his wife then and there. "That's ridiculous." He said. Oh Contrare.

I now have PROOF of the action:

Here he is in process. Note the little rope he's gathered into his fort. Too cute. I must say the little rascal brightens my days! :)

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Katie said...

That is hilarious. You're right, the rope is definitely the finishing touch.