Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Sesame Is Not A Lima Bean!

So over the past 3-4 weeks Sesame has been moving more and more. Last Sunday I was lounging on the couch while husband played some video games. All of a sudden he yells "WHOA! Was that the baby?!" I looked up at him, "What??" "Your just...jumped or something..." "Yeah, Sesame's really starting to get the hang of kicking, rolling and punching. Did you actually see it?!" I couldn't believe it. He leaped up and darted across the room to feel. Of course our little Chuck Norris wanna be stopped moving at that point!

We had our second Ultrasound yesterday. I'll spare you all the magic eye photos - you know that ones where you have to squint and turn it upside down to see that it's ACTUALLY a picture of a leg. :) This one is CLEARLY a profile of Baby Sesame.

I'm happy to report that there is only one baby -- complete with all limbs and vital organs. The Doctor did comment on the baby's "unusually long arms and large head." When I asked if it was something to be concerned about he replied, "Nope, just above average in length and width."

Oh great.

Our child will be the kid in kindegarten who falls out of their chair because they can't balance the weight of their head with their body. I can see it now. Of course the long arms will come in handy when Sesame tries to pull Sesame's self back into their chair. Oh Sesame we love you mutant baby! :)

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