Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Magic of Online "Shopping"

i must admit - i LOVE online shopping because i can put items into my cart, not purchase them, and they magically disappear after a few days! never again will i find myself feeling guilty about sneaking a desirable pair of shoes (that i don't need!) behind the spaghettis sauce. :) here are a few items currently in my "shopping carts" that will disappear in a few days!

a thing 1 and thing 2 baby blanket. how. cute. :)

and if the blanket wasn't enough -- a fleece thing 1 and thing 2 snuggly warm baby bodysuit! yay!

are you seeing a theme? the nursery is going to be Dr. Seuss, so i've been trolling the internet lately trying to find Seussian baby items! :)

come on. seriously. like our child would be without some music taste!? :)
(first 4 from funtocollect)and finally, husband found this the other day. he's determined to teach our child not only the laws of physics by age 3 months but also how to code in html. good luck Conrad. :) (from thinkgeek)


Katie said...

Those are all fantastic. Love the Dr. Seuss theme! Madeline loves Green Eggs and Ham and I'm thrilled.

Shirley said...
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