Thursday, April 28, 2011

There Are Days...

...when ants invade my home twice in one day.  Again.
...when the laundry room curtain falls down on my head.
...when the dog won't stop barking loudly.
...when my attitude stinks like husband's dirty socks.
...when I feel like I yell "No!" all day long.  Even though I don't.
...when I just want to lay down and sleep.
...when all I do is complain to myself in my head all day.
...when I am so negative, rays of seething anger and disgust radiate from my head like an overheated cartoon character.
...when my laundry is clean, but in a ginormous pile on my bed.
...when I eat Easter candy and leftover junk food most of the day.
...when I just can't operate.

and then I remember...

I didn't read my Bible today.
I didn't pray today.
I didn't spend time actually reading the sticky notes of Bible verses around my house.
I didn't put first things first.

Lord, forgive me for teaching these traits to my daughter.  Forgive me for falling to sinful nature and wallowing in selfish pity and thoughts.  Forgive me the broken sinner that I am.

Let's make tomorrow better Lord.  :)

"Worry weighs a person down, but a kind heart cheers a person up." Proverbs 25:12


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