Sunday, May 1, 2011

Too. Cute.

We've spent as much time as possible outside lately.  What with our new swing set and all.  :)  This face and expression is frequently seen on Sesame:

It's her "Homer-just-came-outside-and-I-love-him-and-he's-my-dog-and-I-want-to-pull-his-tail-and-take-him-for-a-walk" face.   Love.

Also note the prairie grass.  Yes, that is my backyard.  Yes, those are dandelions.  No, we don't care that we have a field of them.  And, yes, husband did mow the lawn yesterday.  (Big pat on the back to him - it took 3.5 hours with our push mower!)

I must say.  Watching him push mow the lawn while Sesame played outside on the deck/her new swing set from my kitchen window = one of the top ten moments of life.  :)

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Eileen Key said...

Glad to know the weather cooperated! Kiss Sesame.