Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sesame is very into helping these days.  I pretty love it.  No matter what we're doing at home she is so eager to help.  In an effort to encourage this behavior, we have made every possible attempt to find little jobs for her around the house.  She loves laundry (we'll see when she hits age 13) and, as of late, tools.  She also finds paying bills hilarious.  No.  Really.  She laughs when I say, "Mommy is paying bills."  I have yet to discover why it's so funny, as it's one of my most abhorred household chores.  If only I could trust her to write the checks for me.  :)  

Anyway, one of the "bill tasks" she's been helping with is placing the return address stickers and stamps on the envelopes; because, really, who cares if they are all catty-whompus on the envelope?!  :)  We've also been using a sticker chart to move along the potty training.  So, stickers are pretty popular around these parts.

One day, after laughter filled bill paying, Momma failed to put the stamps in their home.  Which is out of reach of said small sticker-loving hands.  I returned from the mailbox to find this:

I can't say I blamer her.  I heart the liberty bell too.  If those stamps weren't worth almost 50 cents a piece, I'd wall paper a room with them. (Please do note the wall paper sarcasm - While the art would match my mauve counter tops and blue-gray toilets, I do not want them on my walls.) Anyhow, she quickly learned that the were "special stickers" as Mommy said.  "These stickers only go on mail."  "An bills" Sesame said. "Yes, exactly.  That's how the mailman knows he can take them."  She looked at me, grinned and giggled saying, "Da mail man likes bills toooooooo."  I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff.  :)  But she sure does make paying bills and using stamps a ton more fun!  :)


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Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

This is why kids are so great. Sure, we can take them to Disney World or we can give them a pack of stamps and let them have the same amount of fun. :) She is so stinkin' adorable!