Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Motor Man.

Little Dude is growing like a crazy man.

He's finally started crawling around and now there is no stopping him.
He takes his time doing things, but once he decides to do them, he is a force to be reckoned with.

He is the babbling king.
I love the stage infants enter into at this age in language development.
He has some very clear words: Momma, Daddy, Nay-Nuh (Nellie), Num-Num (pacifier), Dog-Dog, Bye-Bye, Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, I eeee yooooooou (I see you) and Love.  :)
These words are totally discernible by outside parties and that makes me smile. :)
But the part of development I LOVE is the phrasing of random sounds.

He's realized there is a rhythm to language.
A pace and timing.
It's almost like his inner mind has made some sort of connection regarding the art of speaking, of communication among humans.
He phrases all the sounds he can muster and then stares at me as if to say, "Right, I mean, come on Mom that was soooo clear."
Except I have no idea what he's saying.

E-zizzle is clearly laid back.
I frequently find him decked out in princess gear or with a cereal box on his head.
He doesn't seem to mind.

Sesame is growing like a weed.
I wish I could freeze time some days.

She is becoming such a little girl - with daily opinions that differ from mine.
She is effervescent.

She is emotive.
She is hilarious.  ;)

He is almost a year old.

I just don't know where the time has gone.

I love his crazy faces.
They are so very different from the faces Sesame made at this age.
More proof of an imaginative, existing God if you as me.
They have the same gene pool
same home environment
and yet they are so very different.

I love it.
God is awesome like that.
Always surprising me with his creativity.
He rocks.


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Clemencia said...

Thanks Em! These are precious pictures and a beautiful entry.