Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clandestine Events.

Realization #1: I love gardening.

Realization #2: I do not know how to garden well.

Realization #3: Sesame loves to garden.

Realization #4: Little Dude loves to garden.

Realization #5: Some of my plants are shriveling into nothingness as if I have starved them -- they look like the little weird plants on the bottom of Ursula's ocean cavern in The Little Mermaid may be dying.

Realization #6: I love to garden. Wait.  I already said that.

Realization #7: Both my Nonnie and Grandma are excellent gardeners.  Note to self: ask for more help.

Realization #8: It matters not if our garden produces anything of value, because it has produced unbelievable joy in the faces of my children.  Points to the grimy fingernails, soil-stricken clothes and muddy shoes.

Garden = Constant reminder of the Lord's plan to take something tiny, dead and lifeless and transform it into a beautiful, bountiful wellspring of life.  God is Awesome.  :)


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