Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our week. :)

My son rocks.  No really.  He does. 

Here is a series of photos from our much needed "happy day." (more on that later)

A photo titled "Om nom nom." for the Uncles.

"Who are you crazy lady and what the heck is this contraption in my face.  I am trying to eat my hands and you interrupting.  Please.  Go away so I can eat them."   

"Oh, it's you Mommy."

"I love my Mommy.  She's the best."

Can you believe Little Dude is already 3 months old.  THREE MONTHS!  Unbelievable!  He's really starting to look like Husband.  The past week he's been a bit screamy and then today he was FABULOUS. He was happy and talkative and giggly and smiley and playful.  Sesame and I thoroughly enjoyed him.  His personality is so smiley. I love that his favorite past time is staring at/laughing at ceiling fans.  Little Dude did this for 30 minutes today, I kid you not.  Love.

Number One is pretty rockin' too.  She's patient when I need to turn my attention to Number Two.  Not to mention this kid is stinkin' hilarious!  In the car the other day I used the phrase "Out of control."  Without missing a beat she replies, "No Mommy, the control tower is at the air port.  Not here."  Jigga what?!  You're two kid.  Oh, and then there's her phrasing.  What two year old says, "Excuse me Mommy, Would you please pass the ranch so I may put it on my watermelon?"  Ignoring the fact she wants to put ranch on her watermelon, that's a pretty complicated sentence!

Okay.  I'm done boasting on my awesome kids.

Except these two photos of Sesame dancing:

 And maybe a glimpse of what life is really like in our home:

That's right.  I fell asleep feeding my son.  See his face?  It's saying "Come on lady, it doesn't take that long to give me a bottle."  :)

Okay.  I'm done.




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