Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Science and Laughter

 That's right.  Science class starts at age 2 in the G-clan household.  "Why?" you ask, because:

A)  Science is fun.
B)  My daughter asked to do a "Science Peer-i-scent" aka "Science Experiment."  Yes, that's right, she asked to learn.  I'm sorry people, but all the mounds of dishes, laundry and toys can wait.  If my Sesame requests to learn, I'm going to soak up the opportunity.
C)  I secretly love having a toddler about so I can make messes and then blame her.
D)  Science is fun.  Duh.

Today's adventure includes a lesson in density.  :)  I completely stole this experiment from an episode of Sid the Science Kid saw this somewhere, and decided to spice it up a bit.

Here we go.

The cast of characters:

As you can see, I have six glasses out that appear to be filled with water.

Oh, but they are not all water.

(That was my evil scientist laugh - I felt it was appropriate here)

That's right.  White Vinegar.

With the baking soda.

Boo-yah.  Take that Sid the Science Kid.  I'll take your density and raise cool reaction thing.

(Note:  Husband is the scientist.  I studied liberal arts.  Cut me some slack on the terminology.)

Step 1:  Begin adding one ingredient to each glass.

Step 2:  Take excessive photos of terrific, tiny toddler hands.

Step 3:  Stir ingredients in and discuss why some float (pepper & parm) and why some dissolve (sugar & salt).

Step 4:  Take photo of cute little scientist in her apron.

Step 5:  Be sad when you realize your baking soda is old and does not react well with vinegar.

Step 6:  Show toddler the fabulous lemonade and mix it together with enthusiasm.

Step 7:  Be sad again and start gagging when you realize your baking soda is not expired - you only mixed it with water.  How do you know this?  You just drank vinegar-lemonade.


Step 8:  Listen to your toddler laugh hysterically while you spit, gag and rapidly drink coffee to wash away the gross-ness that is vinegar-lemonade.

Step 9:  Improvise and make cool vinegar-lemonade-baking soda explosion.

Step 10:  Laugh at the cool bubbles with your toddler and admire the sweet mess you made together. :)

Tomorrow's play time experiment:

And, to appease Grammy :):

Guess who is starting to dig story time at our house!?  Little Dude LOVES it when Sesame and I read.  It makes me so happy.  :)



Clemencia said...

i love the experiments and thanks for appeasing Grammy!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Em, I did the shaving cream with food coloring and it worked great!!! I put it in a bowl and whisked it together then put my mixture in a ziploc and cut a whole in the corner so it is like a cake decorating thingy (my brain is fried, I can't think of the proper term). It was super fun. What's cool that I didn't know is if you splash it with water, the color washes off leaving speckled shaving cream letters. Sesame will love it!!