Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Total Clearance Score!


was the ultimate Clearance Section score today.  I've been pining away for a leather topped bench with storage inside for a year or two now.  It's the perfect place to plop down and put on shoes while hiding laundry or random crap that is lying around my house before unexpected company appears toys.

The kids and I were winding up a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, aka "The Sheet Store" to Sesame, when I spotted a random clearance section.  And there it sat, calling forth with blissful angelic sounds, "the leather bench" (said with the SNL Sean Connery accent.*)

The bright yellow clearance tag read "retail price 149.99 clearance price 20.98"  I looked over my shoulder thinking I was on candid camera.  Nope.  No cameras.  Upon further inspection I found the purpose of the drastically reduced price.

A broken hinge.  No big deal.  Even I could fix that.

Two scuffs and a slight puncture.  
On the back.  
The part that faces the wall. 
The part that will not be seen by anyone.

I whipped out my cell phone, thankful A) I had it with me and B) it was charged for once.  Husband agreed this would be a wise purchase.  I mean, seriously, you can't even buy plastic storage tubs for 20.98!?

So.  There I am.  My cart is full with a 2.5 year old Shirley Temple look alike, a Care Bear and a floral print purse in the front; and, a large infant carrier, complete with 9 week old slumbering babe, in the back.  I already squeezed the 10 tray/organizers under the carseat in an effort to not carry them in my hand.  So.  Out of necessity, I scooted the brown leather bench across the entire front of the store, with my feet, whilst dragging a cart full of children behind me.  I wasn't about to leave the bench just sitting there.  Hello!?  Someone could snatch it up!

Also, watching my mild TV obsession, American Pickers, paid off.  I chose a line with a young male cashier and politely asked, "There are a few other damages that aren't mentioned on the sticker," points to the small puncture (on the back!) and scuff marks on the front, "Would you take 15 for it?"  And what does he do?!  GRANT MY REQUEST!!  AND I had a 20 % off coupon?!  Jigga what?!  Take that!  

Leather bench total cost: 16.00


Another project I've been working to conquer before we house family for a week:

Sesame's Big Big Girl Room.

Theme: Polka Dots.  :)  Love

Progress is slow but looks better everyday.


I'll keep you posted as I paint.  I saved a ton of money by purchasing paint samples in all the colors.  The circles don't take up too much space and thusly, saved money.  Sweet.  Money that I can buy more sweet, cheap leather benches with!?  Just kidding.

If you've made it this far in this post you deserve a cookie.  Thank you for putting up with my overflowing joy at saving a few dollars.  :)  Have a great day!

*If you get that reference then we can be friends.  If not, we need to talk more.  Note: This does not apply to family members.  I love you always and anyway.)


bhewitt said...

LOVED hearing about your find today at BB&B! That IS such a great deal! Hope you're all doing well!


Becky said...

Dear Emily,
It is *shameful* how much jealousy with which I read your post. Although, in my defense, I also read it with glowing pride and admiration. There is nothing in the world that excites me like finding a deal and savin' me some dollahs, hollah!!!
Love, love, love this post. Need to go shopping with you, not only to tap your luck but also to use this magical knowledge you have about dealin' it up with cashiers. Holy smokers, have I mentioned I love this post???
Fab. Love. Amen and all the above! (I rhymed.)