Sunday, September 4, 2011


Apologies for disappearing for a spell - we had family in town!  :)

My most adorable and favorite niece is growing like a weed!  11 months already!  Can you believe it!?  Peanut has the most gorgeous blue eyes and toothless grin EVER.  :)  I think we'll keep her.

See.  Gorgeous.  I told you.  :)  

Little Dude (Squirt) is turning into quite the little charmer.

We dedicated him this past Sunday while Husband's family was in town.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord does with this little life!

He's very shy.  :)

Peanut and Sesame enjoyed a brief trip to the Children's Museum with Grammy and the Mommies, while Ezra snoozed with Yia Yia and Pappy.

This face.  Yes, the one pictured above, is the exact same face her Daddy makes when he's concentrating and her Grandpa.  Love it.  Love.

Who went and planted Sesame's in the garden?  Don't spread it around, they'll all be picked!

 After the museum Sistah and I decided we needed to exercise.

Here is Sister looking all fit and flawlessly executing the zumba moves.  I, on the other hand, am flailing about like a poor man's Richard Simmons.

Let's recap:

Sister's Zumba = Professional Dancer

My Zumba = Beached Whale

As if my postpartum body needed more of a workout - the girls woke up from their nap and wanted to play.

Notice Sisters gleaming smile.  Notice my flushed cheeks, lack of a smile and Sesame's skeptical stare.
Thus is my first Zumba experience.

We're all tired and falling back into normal routines - with the addition of a bit of Zumba.  :)



Becky said...

I love how Ezra looks exactly like Conrad, but with your coloring! It's so funny to roll those genetic dice (as if we have anything to do with it, but you know what I'm saying) to see what kind of iteration of child we'll get *this* time! It's almost enough curiousity to just. keep. having. kids. ALMOST. :)
I would exercise with you and you would feel all keen because I promise you, I'd be worse.
Love the update!

Kate said...

Hi Emily! Haha ok no way so did Ross have a kid? Or is this Conrad's sister's kid? Also yes Nelli looks just like Conrad. So I had a Conrad moment last night because Jack has the same thick curly hair that C-rad and David both have. It made me think of C-Rad and his hat hair. :) Oh and no worries about Zumba... it is such fun. I have it on Xbox 360 and I used it to get back to pre-kid wedding weight. Trying to get back to early college weight... phew. :) Miss you guys so much!