Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Note.

I love my kids.  :)
They rock.

Sesame was twirling around the house with a Sunday straw hat on and an open umbrella yesterday, singing "Let's Go Fly A Kite" at the top of her 2.5 year old lungs.  She told me she was Mary Poppins.  I told her I was Bert.  She said "Mommy you are a gurrrrrrrl.  Bert is a boy.  You can be the penguins that dance."  I said "Okay." and waddle-danced around the living room.  Lil Dude just tooted and cooed at the crazy dancing penguin people.

Squirt urped on me 5 times yesterday.  Five.  Times.  These five times were the only times I had to actually change my clothing because of the copious amounts of fluid that erupted out of his teeny, tiny 9 week old mouth. There were other urp incidents that were not wardrobe change worthy.  It's amazing what I deem acceptable with number two.

Squirt is totally rockin' the old man expressions these days.  His strained peas smile spreads across his face more and more frequently ever day.  His falling into mild patterns that are allowing me to plan more effectively for outings and quality time with Sesame.  I love the special time the Lord grants me between 5 and 6 am with Squirt.  He wakes, eats and is happier, more satisfied and animated than any other time throughout the day.  I'm eager for him to be a bit bigger, but am cherishing moments such as these.

Sesame lined all her stuffed animals and dolls up on the couch today.  When I inquired, "What are you doing?"  She proudly reported, "Sending them to school."  "Oh," I replied, "Are you the teacher?" She looked at me like an alien "Mommy, I am 2, I cannot teach them school.  I will teach them Sunday.  About Jesus and dying on the cross."

I cried a little.

My sweet Sesame is growing into such a person.  A person who shares the gospel message with stuffed animals, grocery store clerks and her little brother.  I don't mind that potty training is taking forever - she's picking up quickly on what's important.  :)

If only we were all so bold as Sesame.


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Aunt Becky said...

Nellianne and Ezra have great examples in their parents. You show them daily how to live your faith. I am so proud on you. with much love to all.