Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Livin' in the Momma Hood

This week has been particularly trying.  Sesame woke up on Monday morning sounding like Darth Vader and Chewbacca had a love child.  Come to find out, she has Croup and a sinus infection.  If this winter were labeled for posterity sake, it would be titled "A Plague of Illness Upon Our House."  We just can't seem to make it more than a weekend with all of us well.

That said, and also noting we currently have one operational vehicle, amounts to a fair amount of time quarantined in our own home.  I love being home, don't get me wrong.  Usually I relish in the hours spent finger-painting and playing in cookie trays of beans.  I don't mind staying in the confines of our adorable house.  But this week has been a bit different.

Sesame has gone from no fever to 101 in the span of half an hour.  This means were coloring pictures for Grammy and five minutes later she's a limp noodle wanting nothing more than to have Momma "hold you." (aka hold her).  My patience has been worn.  After going several days sans potty accidents (including an accident free day whilst traveling!) she had five accidents in one day.

My house looks like a tornado hit.  The load of laundry in the dryer has been there since 7:00 this morning.  The are dishes piled on the counter from the past two days.  The batcave (aka bathroom) looks like a brigade of pre-schoolers came in and played "Win, Lose or Draw" on the walls, and left towels and wash cloths draped over every drape-able surface.  We ate frozen pizza for dinner last night and Kraft Mac and Cheese tonight.

And I have been home since Sunday evening.  How is this possible?!

I lamented my frustrations to my Momma tonight on the phone.  "I just feel so lazy!  Nothing has been done in our house and I haven't left for three days.  Not even to run to the grocery store!?"  "Emily," she said, "You haven't done nothing. You've taken care of a sick little girl.  She hasn't been hysterical or crying the whole time, despite being sick.  You are doing something."

It's hard to remember that sometimes.  It's hard to remember among the piles of toys and laundry that snuggling my fever ridden daughter, is part of my job.  It's hard to remember that watching "The Kite" episode of Shaun the Sheep 5 times in a row, is part of my job.  It's hard to remember that being pooped on, is part of my job.  Mostly, it's hard to remember that all of those things are contributing to the character of Sesame.  How I react to everything establishes a portion of her personality.

In the end, she won't remember the dirty dishes, the laundry and Mac and Cheese.  She'll remember the "goodest blanket" that we snuggle under, in Momma's bed, when she's sick.  And the chicken noodle soup.  And the two baths a day.  And the book reading.

That's what I remember at least.

I suppose my prayer in all of this is to learn patience and contentment.  To be resting in the role the Lord has placed me in during this time and season of life.  Hopefully, I'll get the hang of this soon, what with the family growing and all! :)


George said...

In the Army of Mommas, you've just been field promoted to Colonel for meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty! Way to go Autie Em! We love the fantastic job you are doing raising our little Nells!
Grandpa G!

The Plaid Cow said...

I cannot remember the last time that everyone in our house was healthy, though I am pretty sure it was last year some time.