Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I've Heard Lately...

I came down the stairs with Sesame's shoes.  I was gone a total of 45 seconds.  She barreled around the couch, arms spread wide and proclaimed: "Momma, it's so nice to see you.  Give me a hug!"  For real.  Where did this girl come from!?

The other day at dinner:  Husband: "Sesame, do you know who Daddy's favorite is?"  Sesame: "Unc Ryan."  "What?  No, who is Daddy's favorite."  Sesame stopped, actually put her chubby pointer finger to her chin as if to ponder the questions of the universe, and decidedly stated, " Uncle Ry-an" as if Husband didn't hear her the first time!

In the car today:  Sesame: "Momma, wus daaaaaaaat?!"
Me: "Oh, that's a trash incinerator.  The big trucks take our trash there and they burn it so it won't be at our house anymore.  It's stinky huh?"
Sesame: "Yeah.  Shoo-Wee.  Like Daddy."  :)

Me: "Sesame, do you want a brother or a sister?"
Sesame: "bru-der"
Me: "What do you think we should name him?"
Sesame: (without missing a beat) "Jesus." - at least she's paying attention when we read the Bible and go to Bible Study!  :)

And, perhaps my favorite new phrase: "Momma, hold you."  What she actually means is, "Momma, hold me."  I"ll take that grammar debauchle any day - because those cute Sesame phrases won't last forever. : )



Allie said...

But wait...who IS daddy's favorite?

Aunt Becky said...

Sesame phrases will stay in your heart forever. Be blessed!