Tuesday, February 15, 2011


1. There has been a serious lack of photos on this blog lately.  What is that about?!

2. For the past two days I have become increasingly unbalanced.  I went to the doctor today only to find out I have been storing the Nile in my ear canal.  Perhaps that's why Egypt has been in such unrest lately...

3. I have moments like my husband.  Remember the marker incident.  Oh, and the egg incident?  Well, yesterday husband came home from work, to a giddy toddling girl and a wife still in her pj's.  He hugged his ladies and chased his dog.  [sigh] All was right in his world.  Then he went to the bathroom.  "Honey," heard his barefoot, pregnant, pajama-ed wife in the kitchen.  "HON-NEY," he yelled at the top of his lungs do his deaf wife.  "Yes," she said back.  "I think Sesame learned to open the toilet lid."  That's right ladies and gents wife, aka moi, had a catastrophe on her watch.  Apparently while deaf, disoriented Momma made dinner in the kitchen, little Sesame discovered the inner workings of the toilet.  She then pulled almost an entire roll of toilet paper off the roll, placed it in the toilet, re-closed the lid, climbed on top of the toilet to the sink where she then attempted to wash her hands.  How did husband discern all this you ask?  Because there was Twisted Peppermint hand soap all over the vanity, complete with resplendent, sparkling bubbles in the sink.  Who was supposed to be watching this child when all of this happened?!  Me.  Emily.  The Momma.  Parenting FAIL.  At least she was trying to use the potty and at least she knew to wash her hands.  Right???

4.  I fully intend to bribe my child to use the potty with Skittles.  It has been decided and purchased.  I'll keep you posted on the pee and poop in the potty progression.

5.  This is one of my favorite photos of my husband and me.  Not just because he has a crayon up his nose.  Not just because of my expression.  Not just because I'm wearing an IU shirt and he is wearing a Purdue shirt.  But because it completely captures our personalities.  :)  I heart you husband.  :)

6.  Sesame's first Valentine's Day in 2009:

Sesame's second Valentine's Day, 2010:

Sesame's third Valentine's Day, 2011:

Oh, wait...there aren't any photos.  Momma fail, again.  :)  Ya'll just have to settle for some from later today!  :)  It's close enough, right!  :)


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