Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There exist in the world few phrases that strike horror and fear in my being.  A few would be:

1. "We apologize but the air conditioning on the plane is not functioning at this time."
2. "Please keep the windows of the plane closed.  This will prevent temperatures from climbing to above 100 degrees on the interior of the plane."
3. "We apologize but we're oversold the flight this evening.  Please be patient as we try to rearranged passengers."

Oh yes.  U.S. Airways (that's right I'm telling the interwebs what airline!) said all these things in one flight.  Normally (as in before I became a Momma traveling with a 20 month old) I wouldn't have minded these phrases.  I may have even scoffed at the people who did mind!  However, they take and entirely new meaning when you have a 30 pound child riding on your lap for an hour and a half.  That's an extra 30 pounds of heat-producing gusto we're talking about.  On a flight without drink service.  Wahoo.

It really wasn't that bad.  The hardest part was keeping Sesame from opening the window shade.  She kept exclaiming, "air - plaaaaaaaay - Ar-plaaaaaaaane!  Out!"  The sweet thing.  She just wanted to watch the airplanes - but her Momma was too concerned with setting the plane ablaze because one window open can cause the temperature to rise "ten degrees"  (Yes, you read that correctly...it is in quotes from flight attendant Ernestine...who was a dear with a Jamaican accent who was just doing her job!)

Okay.  I'm done with negativity land.

Our trip to South Carolina ROCKED!  Sesame is such a fun age to travel with right now.  She was excited about everything.  Good times.  : )  I'll regale you all with stories later, but for now a pile of laundry is calling my name!  : )


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