Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Peanut

You don't know me yet, but you will.  You'll call me (unless you create some awesome-tastic new name for me) Auntie Em.  Hopefully you'll want to come spend your Spring Break with me when you're in Middle School.  You and Sesame can play, but I'll take you to do some special things - just us.  We'll stay up and color and giggle and, if your Momma says it's okay, I'll take you to get a new outfit for school.  You see, you are a very special little girl.  You are my niece.  Auntie Em has only ever always wanted three things. First, to get married to a strong Christian man.  Second, to be a Momma and raise her children to know the Lord.  Third, to be an Aunt like her Aunt Becky was to her, and, trust me, that's a high bar to try and hit.  I am so glad you are finally here.

Your Momma and Daddy love you so much.  You'll have a great time learning all about ballet and baby dolls from Momma.  I have no doubt your Daddy will make sure you are well educated in all things geek. But most of all, your Momma and Daddy will take you to church and introduce you to the coolest dude of all, Jesus.

Do you know what Jesus did for you, Peanut?  He died for you on the cross, taking all the bad stuff you've done, and will ever do, and erased it.  If you believe that Jesus did this, died and rose again, you'll live forever in heaven with Grammy and Grandpa and Momma and Daddy and Uncle Conrad and Auntie Em.  Hopefully your cousin, Sesame, too.  But there's more to it than that.  You get to live this awesome life for Jesus!  You get to tell all your friends about him and do all kinds of things that show how much he loves you!  Isn't that cool!?

You are such a blessing and a gift Peanut.  I cannot wait to get to hold you and tell you stories!  What adventures we will have!  We'll build tents and paint pictures. You and Sesame will be best of buddies.  I think you two might have to be Batman and Robin for Halloween one year, even though you are girls.  :) And, most importantly, I'll keep you well stocked on hair bows and accessories!  : )  A girl needs her bling!

You are loved.  You are a miracle.  You are God's.

I love you Peanut.

Auntie Em


Eileen Key said...

Wow. What a special blessing for an adorable bundle! Way to go, Auntie Em.

Becky said...

Yay for nieces (and nephews)! I'm insanely in love with my own and I know exactly what you're feeling for your niece. It's a unique kind of love, isn't it? Congrats, Auntie Em!

Conrad said...

You can build a trebuchet with Uncle Conrad when you're here too. We will chuck some pumpkins. =)

Love and Star Wars,
-Uncle Conrad-