Thursday, September 23, 2010


Husband took this.
Our expressions confirm two things:
1. I am most certainly her daughter.
2. We look even more alike with both of our hairs cut short
3. My daughters genes are nowhere near short on facial animation

It confirms three things not two.

Sesame's dog, Amos, never leaves her side these days.

I don't know why.
Sometimes, when she's playing by herself, I hear her talking to Amos.
No, really!
She says, "Amos, boat bee doo hi mo."
She moves him around and everything. 

They're kind of best buddies.
Like an imaginary friend.
Only, he's physically present.
Not so sure about his mental faculties though.

The other day she brought him into the bathroom.
"Amos, bath."
She said.
"No," I responded, "Amos already had his bath."
She scowled at me and said, 
"Dirty. Shoo-Wee"
"No," I said again, "I already washed his hands and feet."
She eyed me up and down.
"Amos, sit."
she said and promptly placed him on the potty.

Someday they'll go on more adventures.
I'm content to have their adventures be limited to having tea parties
writing letters to family
eating snack together.
Notice that list does not include bath time.
No baths for Amos.
That can only end in tears.


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Becky said...

Could I love her hair any more? No, no I can't. Kisses to the Nells-Bells!