Monday, July 19, 2010

The Uncles.

I've mentioned Sesame's Aunties before - but never her Uncles.  : )
Sesame is blessed to have Uncle Matt and Uncle Ross who are awesome-tacular.  She also has two honorary Uncles.

Uncle Mike is the best.  
He will teach her important things like, how to operate an i-phone and build a stellar lego tower.
Sesame will heart him.
She already does.

This is Uncle Jones.  
He will teach her important things like how to clean a gun, and how to be sarcastic.
Two important life skills when you look like Shirley Temple.
Especially the gun part.
You know, 
to keep the boys away...

Doing dishes with Uncle Jones.

See, they're already buddies. : )
Praise the Lord for good friends to be mentors to my baby girl.
My prayer is she will learn what a Man of God looks like from her Uncles.
All four of them.
: )


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