Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Clothes?

Aunt Becky sent a box last week.
The box was full of lovelies.
One being his adorable pale blue and white pinstripe bubble with red accents.
Oh.  The red accents.

Long story short, I thought it would be "oh so fun" to dress her up, do her hair in pig-tails with red ribbons, and have a photo shoot in the backyard.
I mean, come on, look at her.

So we did just that.
Cleaned up the Salt Water sandals, re-did the crazy hairs and even wiped the snack residue off her face.

We toddled outside, bringing Homer along, when I realized I left the phone in the house.
Crum!  I thought,  What if we get locked out...I should have the phone.
I saw the two neighbor kids, M & S, and decided
they can keep her out of trouble for two seconds while I grab the phone!

I walked outside to and empty garage.
No Sesame.
No M.
No S.
And no Homer.

Where were they, you ask???

Why, in the recently rained in sandbox of course; becuase that's where everyone plays when they have a new, pale blue and white outfit on!!!

Then I reminded myself, Emily they're just kids.  They're playing.  It can't be that bad.


Sand on the bottom.

Sand on her hands.

Sand was pretty much...


And then, I stopped to think.
It's just an outfit.
As gorgeous as it is,
it's still just clothing.

She was having so much fun in the gooey-mud-swamp-sand.
Just being a kid.

Watching the older kids build roads and dig for treasures.

Playing with the scary stray cat who was missing chunks of his ear.

Really.  What's a bit of sand anyway.
It will wash.

We scrapped the "formal" photo shoot and frolicked with the neighbor kids.
When the mosquitoes started nipping at the kids we moved to the garage and sidewalk chalk.
When Sesame ate axle grease and smeared it on her new clothes like war paint,
I decided it was time to go inside.
And call poison control.
And have a bathe.

I washed her freshly grease stained outfit, and you know what?
It all came out.
: )



Aunt Becky said...

Yes, Emily. Children are suppose to play and get dirty. Clothes wash... I would not want her to miss all the fun. I love You!

George said...

Way to not miss "the moment" when it got in the way of "plan"! What a stellar mommy you have turned out to be! I always knew you would be!

Clemencia said...

Oh, she is too cute! How wonderful to have such fun with the neighbor kids. I love the kitty. Do you think he was enjoying the sandbox too?? - Grammy