Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Told Her...

I told her when she hopped on that horse.

I said, "No talking or texting while trotting."

At first she worked around the rules.  I gave her that I'm-the-Momma-don't-disobey-look.  She grinned and held the phone to the horse's ear.  She said, as in gibbered away in some incongruent language- that I of course interpreted as, "Momma, the horsey wanted to phone a friend.  How could I say no!?"  I know that's what she was saying.

Then she crossed the line.

She talked while trotting.  That's right.  MY daughter.  

She felt no remorse about her disobedience.  She was triumphant.

Even tried to coax me into partaking!?  

But I stuck to my guns.  I said, "No Sesame.  I will not talk on the phone while riding.  Nor will I text.  Cell phones are a bad idea in a car or on a horsey.  Now put that down."
She giggled and said, "Homer?"
To which I replied, "Fine we can call Homer, but after that we're really done."


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