Friday, May 14, 2010


A word that has permeated our home these days. What was that??? You want to know what is so unexpected?? I'm so glad you asked. No, really, I am. I have a list - Ya'll know how I like lists! :)

1. Instant oatmeal packages in my dishwasher.
2. Mini-basketball in my dryer.
3. Shoes in my toilet.
4. Sidewalk chalk in my bathroom.
5. Little People in multiple crevices
- my shoes
- tupperware
- the locked cureo cabinet (that one I still can't figure out!)
- the fridge (which I wasn't aware tiny hands could open)
6. A collection of water bottles under the couch.
7. Dog treats in the toy drawer.
8. Shampoo under my desk.
9. Missing headphone covers (I caught her with them the other her mouth...and now I think I know where the neon green poo came from)

Ah. The joys of a 16 month old. :)



Clemencia said...

she is too precious!! thanks for posting! - love you, Grammy

Susan said...

Yia Yia is so thankful for her wonderful girls.