Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So just because I haven't posted, doesn't mean Sesame has slowed with her shenanigans. On the contrary.

How many children do you know that can be both diva and Einstein??

Um I know one. Her name is Nells Bells. She attended a senior shoot with me at the beginning of May and just ate up the attention. Love this kid!

And this photo. I nannied for the girl on the right (who graduates from college in DECEMBER!) and the girl on the left (who is graduating from high school IN MAY!). How poignant that they now watch my little one. I really think I might have to have a ginormous copy of this for my work room. I'm welling with tears now. Oh no. The wells are overflowing...wet keyboard...

So I have to tell you all. Nells is becoming quite the helper. Today I opened the dishwasher and she started unloading the dishes. She lined all the plates up in a little row and then looked up at me. "What are you going to do now?" I asked her. Then she stacked three of them and heaved and grunted until she lifted them up to me. "Mah-muh!" She shouted. Why? Because I was totally spaced out on my daughter's capability. I mean...HELLO!? She's ONLY 16 months?! Jesopete...I'm not ready for this yet...

Then there's the unpacking of the blow up pool. She managed to open the box (which was taped) and pull out the pool in the time it took me to pee.

Trust me...just because there haven't been interweb stories doesn't mean they don't exist! :)

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The Plaid Cow said...

Hopefully she doesn't become such a helper that she ends up on