Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sesame has been restless the past few nights. I'm wondering if those last four teeth are trying to break through. Either way, it means less sleep for Momma. Today husband graciously rose with Sesame at 6 am so I could nab a couple more hours sleep. :) Here's how I woke this morning:

Door creaks open.

Hushed tones ensue:

"Nellie, go see Mommy."
"No, no - shhhhhhhhhh, we're quiet. Shhhhhhhhhhh."


Something landed on top of me. Something laundry. I opened my eyes to see Sesame's pajamas. Shortly followed by a diapered Sesame. Bleary-eyed and confused I turned to husband.

"Why is she naked??" I asked.

"I didn't do it." he replied with his quirky grin.

It's true ladies and gentlemen. Nells has officially mastered the snap and zipper. She can now fully remove her clothing. Per Dr. Roscoe - it might be time to break out the duct tape for her diapers and turn allllllllllll the jammies inside out. :)


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Conrad said...

Quite possibly the best moment prior to 7am I've had in a long time.