Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ya'll Missed Something...

Again...None of these are time. :) But I thought you should see what you've missed in our home. Our awesome home where anything is possible. Where dogs escape in snowstorms, ninja-babies invade jewelry boxes and Cheerios are the newest form of confetti. sigh. What would I do without Nells and Homer!?

Notice red necklace. That was in my jewelry box. On the counter. In our bathroom. It appears we have a baby with the super power of invisibility & launch. By launch I of course mean she can catapult herself onto the counter top undetected. ?!?!? Hence she now owns a shiny, bling necklace that her mother once loved. Stealer. ;)

Yeah. That's soap on her mouth. I left it there. A little bit of soap never hurt anyone right!? Besides, it made a cute photo! :)

This is Conrad's hair on a teeny, tiny girl. It's like Kramer and Marge Simpson had a love child and she had a cousin and her cousin is my daughter. Or you could just say she had post-pigtail hair. :)

See. This photo was actually before the bath. Isn't she ginormous!?!? Seriously - no one prepares you for this!

Oh yes. So I called my husband one morning:

"Conrad, you'l never guess what Nells just did?!"
"It was so cute!? She went to the lazy susan pantry and got out the Cheerio box, opened it, took one Cheerio out, ate it and put the box back!! Isn't that adorable!?"
"Wow. I can't believe she didn't dump the box."
"I know!! Our daughter is so good."

And then I found Homer and Nellie having a Cheerio party. Awesome. :) They do light up my day!


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